Unlike other students, I have always emphasized on my reading abilities, rather than writing. To me, reading gives a foundation to a student’s skills that gradually helps in developing writing abilities. Reading is an integral part, which gives way to well-written communication.
Reading promotes learning about new things, as well as enriches the vocabulary that lately helps in writing. I have simplified the ways, which helps provoking the learning abilities; apply what suits you best.
• Think about reading as an interesting task, it would immune your skills for writing a perfect paper. Writing a professional paper means no space for grammatical and spelling errors
• Always try reading new things to learn from others’ experiences and to look at things differently. It will help you determine your strengths, skills and determination towards learning and experimenting/ exploring new grounds
• Read to learn and memorize things that are worthy to be remembered. The more you read, the more you learn. I always try reading innovative and creative content (not necessarily a book)
• Reading helps in analyzing what is being told. It helps in connecting ideas and creating innovative and informative content
• A reader can always write and perform better. A permanent reader gradually develops the qualities which are a “must to opt” for writing quality papers. A good reader can understand the psyche of distinctive writings. For example, an essay can only be written professionally if one is aware of subject matter, and has analyzed a sample of it.
The other thing, which I have found useful whenever I have implemented it in my writing is that I always prefer to analyze a sample paper before I get into a writing task. You can find it online, and you can ask your seniors too.

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