Your blog posting will ultimately be the key to the degree of success your site experiences. Blog building is a gradual process that involves layout designing, various SEO techniques and content development. This last component, content development, is the 'meat and potatoes' of the blog itself. Offering readers' information that they find interesting and/or useful is what will attract them and keep them coming back. It is therefore important to maintain a certain level of quality and consistency in the content of your blog entries in order to keep readers' satisfied.

Here are 5 simple ways in which you can make sure you maximize the benefits both you and the readers' receive from the blog entries you post.

Use Original Content

Content development is not always a quick process but done correctly and the final results are worth the investment of time and effort. Posting your own original content is what will make your blog uniquely your own. There is nothing wrong with posting somebody else's work on your site provided you give credit to the author. On the other hand posting your own original content gives your readers a deeper appreciation of your insight.

Say More in Fewer Words

Try to keep the length of your posts as brief as possible if the content allows it. Readers would prefer reading 250 words as opposed to 500 if they stand to gain the same benefits so keep that in mind when composing your blog entries.

If you need practice composing brief and concise messages join Twitter where they have a 140 character limitation on each message you post.

Make Your Opinions Known

Offering candid opinions and/or observations in your posts about certain topics as they may relate to your blog is something readers expect and enjoy. Do not be afraid to let your opinions be known and always ask for comments or opinions from the readers. This is a great way to stir up some 'dust' and get a conversation going.

Use Imagery

Using imagery not only helps to convey your thoughts but it also helps to break up the text. Reading large blocks of text on a computer screen can put a good amount of strain on the eyes. Trust me on this I know!

Take the Weekends Off

Keep you posting consistent and as frequent as possible but do not expect a lot of feedback or activity at your blog on weekends. The end of the week is normally when family activities are scheduled or perhaps people are simply 'de-stressing' from the week prior.

Your blog posting insofar as its quality and consistency plays a significant role in the success of your site. Blog building is a gradual process that requires amongst other things continual content development efforts for quality material for use in posting. By following the 5 suggestions we reviewed above you will ensure that both you and your readers' will be getting the most out of any blog entries you do post.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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