A bad mood is capable of striking anybody at one point or another. These seemingly inexplicable 'spells' that assault our positive demeanor can ruin an entire day. When you're moody nothing seems to go right. The negative outlook this creates can set the stage for experiencing conflict or difficulties in areas that were otherwise problem free. As your thinking patterns tend to lack positive thoughts you can easily create a 'vortex' of negativity that will lead to nowhere good.

Perhaps the most dangerous part of carrying around the negative emotions that result from moods like this is your inability to think clearly. Negative mood swings put you in a position where you base your reactions and decisions on emotions and feelings. This is NOT a good thing.

It is important to recognize these moods when they do strike so that you can take the corrective actions necessary. By recapturing your lost positive attitude you can then once again make proper social choices and successful business decisions.

Let's look at 5 straight forward approaches you can take to reverse any mood swings to make your day a productive and happy one.

Focus on Something You Enjoy

You need to break the spell that has created your negative emotions. The quickest way to do this is involve yourself in an activity that brings you happiness. Whether it's a game, reading, or talking to a close friend you want to reverse the negative feelings building up in you.

The longer these feelings linger the more damage they're capable of doing and the harder it will be to vanquish them if they're allowed to take root.

Release Negative Feelings

This may not always be easy to do but letting go of those feelings that are dragging you down will generally give your outlook a positive boost.

The fact of the matter here is the more you may subconsciously dwell on the source of your negative mood the bigger it will become.

Learn to RELEASE these toxins from you.

A simple approach here would be to understand how much you stand to suffer or lose by allowing these feeling to remain with you. Resolve to not let them dictate the course of your day or your relationships with others who matter to you.


I have been a huge advocate of this approach for many years. By exercising you gain two immediate benefits.

First your focus is now drawn to the exercise itself which will minimize the negative mood your previous thought process had instilled in you. By increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, which exercising will do for you, you're able to think more clearly.

Secondly the exercising will make you feel much better physically and in fact on a medical level will improve your health.

You absolutely can not beat benefits like this.

Identify the Source of Your Foul Mood

Reflect on what it is that has dampened your spirits and made you moody. Likely you will conclude either the source is NOT worth the angst it has created within. You may also come to realized that perhaps your ability to overcome the source of your foul mood is being inhibited by your foul mood itself.

To think clearly and be able to solve problems your mind can not be occupied with negativity or emotions. This will only sap your energy and distract you from focusing on the important matters.

Be Nice

Ever do something when after you think about it you regret you did it in the first place? Realizing it was wrong or unnecessary probably made you feel bad didn't it? Well think the opposite here and consciously make it a point to do something nice for somebody without any intentions of being reciprocated. Words of encouragement, a compliment, unsolicited assistance, or even doing volunteer work all can make you feel more 'human' and help to 'reattach' you to others in a positive way.

This always helps to quickly dampen negative feelings you may be carrying around.

Being able to recognize a bad mood early on enables you to address the negative emotions that threaten your day. Taking proactive steps such as those mentioned above allows you to restore a flow of positive thoughts thereby correcting any self-destructive mindset. Mood swings are a natural part of our emotional cycle and can be altered by you under normal circumstances. It is important to take corrective action when you identify your judgment is being influenced by negative emotions and feelings. Through regaining a healthy positive attitude you are more easily able to interact on a social level. In addition the ability to make successful business decisions also increases now that you're thinking more clearly as opposed to reacting emotionally. It is your responsibility to take the active measures that could be the difference between a good day or a forgettable one!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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