We live in a world which is getting more and more chaotic and full of problems. Nowadays we don’t have any time for our families and our loved ones because we are too busy with our work. Our work schedules are so rigid that we are forever fighting deadlines and trying to finish our projects in time. We don’t have any time left for taking care of our health and it can result in stress and depression.

Having too much stress can cause us to become unhappy, and make our day to day life hell. Stress is now considered as a big problem which can affect anyone and everyone. It is also related to many health complications like heart diseases, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But we can tackle this problem of stress through a number of therapies available nowadays.

One of the most popular therapies which are effectively used to for stress relief is through sound therapy. Which uses various types of music, such as classical music, relaxation music, binural beats and mediation music to achieved a calm state of mind. Sound therapy can be used in many ways to fight stress and here are a few tips on how to use sound therapy to relieve your stress;


1. A great way to use the relaxing music is to exercise or work out while listening to some motivating music. You can do great benefit to your body through such exercises and physical activities and it becomes a joy to exercise while you listen to music. It can prove to be the ultimate stress buster for you.


2. If you are trying to reduce your negative stress, another effective way to fight it is through listening to nature sound. The nature music and sounds are available through many CD’s and cassettes and you can hear the sounds of natural elements like water splashes, animals, and sounds of gusts of winds. These nature CD’s can make you feel like you are in the lap of mother nature and have a positive effect on our mental health.


3.The best way to listen to classical music is through slow and easy listening. This way can have a real calming effect on our mind and keep away stress. It is also beneficial for people who are having sleep disorders and can help such people to fall asleep easily every night.


4. You can use the music to use it to dance on the music and which can be a very useful way to fight the stress. When you are dancing, include your spouse and it can turn out very good stress relief measure for both of you. If you have children at home, you can even do silly moves which will prove to be great time for your children. While you will be laughing your heart out, your worries will be erased by your happy times.


5. Another great way to relieve your stress is listening to mediation music when you are at your work place and doing your job. It can make your entire work seem lighter and stress free. Which will make you more motivated and productive at work.

By applying these sound therapy techniques this will help to minimise your stress levels and boost your mental health and wellness.

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