Posters are something that almost every person has had a collection of at some point in his or her life. But the problem has always been how to hang the posters that do not have frames. Well, it is indeed tough to put up posters on the wall without making it look like a college dormitory.

However, here we shall be talk about some ways of how to hang posters without frame. Each of these ways is totally based on your comfort. A custom framing job can cost a lot and you may not want to pay that much. In that case, these ways will help a lot.

Here are 5 great ways to put up posters that have no frames up on the wall:

1.Mount your poster with mounting tape on blank canvas
More of a permanent solution, it adds a new dimension to your posters. Go to the nearest art store and get yourself a blank canvas and mount the poster on it with the help of mounting tape or mounting spray (repositionable). Black canvases are available in various depths based on your choice.

2. Foam board and Swiss poster clips

For those who want a more minimalist approach, this the best way to hang posters without frames. All you have to do is mount your posters to a foam board and then use the Swiss poster clips to hang them up. The clips remain hidden from plain sight and provide an unobtrusive look.

3. Make your own frame with decorative molding

Sometimes, it so happens that you have a poster that is too big to attach to a frame from a store as it is too much costly. So what you can do instead is go for decorative molding. For this you can either choose to go for a piece of lattice from the nearby hardware store or salvaged molding from a re-store, the result can be a lot attractive and will carry your personal touch.

4. Go for pant hangers from small posters

A very minimalist yet modern style of hanging smaller posters is with the help of pant hangers. Clipping two hangers each at the top and bottom of the poster will keep it hanging flat without any fold and provide a look that a frame can never provide. This is one of the simplest ways of how to hang posters without frame and can suit any wall space, hence all wall spaces.

5. Reach the nearby estate sales, thrift stores and garage sales

Estate,Thrift stores, and garage sales are Pandora’s boxes for the need. You can find frames to use for your poster with only a few dollars. All you need to do is add a coat of spray paint and voila! A whole new custom frame is ready for your poster to adorn.

There are many websites that provide more such ways of how to hang posters without damaging poster along with other everyday aspects like dank memes, funny things to say, parachute pants and more. The ways mentioned here, however, will certainly help you in your poster hanging endeavor.

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Steven Bergeron is a famous blogger and an expert on how to hang posters without frame. Here he writes about the best way to hang posters with no framesin 5 affordable easy ways.