The launch of 5G promises low-latency data connectivity, the likes of which have never been seen before. This emerging technology has the potential to alter the face of telecom industry as we know it. With faster connections available, OTT platforms like video streaming and video calling are expected to become even better than before. The possibility of 4K videos and enhanced quality of video calling is expected to bring in new subscribers. Another technology that is expected to prosper with 5G launch is IoT. With almost instantaneous response to user inputs, we are likely to see IoT become a mainstream technology that will drive smart cars and many day-to-day appliances like HVAC systems and kitchen equipment.

Why OTT and IoT Need to be Taken Seriously in the Times of 5G?

As more and more telcos devise strategies to evoke customers’ trust in their services, the pressure on them has increased considerably. Not only are they encumbered with tasks like managing network infrastructure and acquiring new spectrum for the launch of technologies like 5G, they also have to brace up to the challenge posed by their competitors. As prices need to be slashed whenever a competitor launches new services with a lower price tag, the margins have receded considerably. Launching new services in the same vertical no longer makes you future proof in the current competitive telecom world. It is time to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions. It is time create new partnerships with OTT (Over the top) and IoT services provider.

Brace up to the 5G Boom by Partnering with Competent IoT Services Provider

As IoT data connectivity becomes faster and more reliable than ever before, the number of interconnected devices is only expected to rise. According to a survey by Gartner, there will be nearly 20 billion IoT devices in the world by the year 2020. This is a huge number and promises a great future for telecom operators that are ready for the 5G boom and IoT proliferation. In case you are running a telecom operation (be it as an MNO or MVNO), the best way to stay prepared is by associating with a quality IoT services provider that understands your needs.

Important Credentials of an IoT Services Provider

The role of an IoT services provider is pivotal for the success of any operator, big or small. Below are some significant credentials that you should seek out in your IoT services provider:

1. Access to hardware and software – There are many important equipment and applications that are required for creating a proper IoT network. Hardware like batteries, SIM cards, antennas along with software solutions for monitoring, tracking and billing IoT transactions are required for a successful IoT operation.
2. Secure connection – IoT places vital customer information in circulation via a myriad of connected devices. This makes the information vulnerable to hack attacks; which is why, you need to protect it by partnering with an IoT services provider that uses robust encryption and sound security measures.
3. IoT billing – The connection between millions of devices is hard to track, especially when it is producing zillions of bytes of information every minute. For a small MVNO, it would be extremely difficult to manage IoT billing on its own, which is the main reason why a partnership with an IoT services provider is a must.

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