The intelligent lighting system is designed to provide a unique and special light in the correct place or ideal intensity. As per studies conducted by different companies, it has been identified that intelligent lighting in offices will help the organization to achieve its goals in an effective and sustainable way. A huge change can be noticed in the lighting industry over time and we see different forms of intelligent lighting systems in this digital era that create a more aesthetic and ecological environment in the workplace.

From boosting productivity to minimizing the side effects of working in bright light for long hours smart commercial lighting fixtures are beneficial for us in many ways. Some of the major benefits of choosing intelligent lighting systems for offices are noted in the pointers below.

1. Create a favourable atmosphere

Appropriate use of LED lighting in workplaces help to create spaces that look wider and colours used in the office appears more pleasing. Light sensors can allow natural light to reduce artificial lighting. It can amalgamate with other elements like motion detectors for good lighting control in some specific places.

2. Saves energy

There is no doubt that LED lights stand on the top when it comes to saving energy. It prevents environmental deterioration and helps the environment to regenerate. Using intelligent lighting in the office will save up to 90% in lighting systems obtaining excellent clarity, correcting and maintaining the intensity of artificial light, providing greater comfort and help in maintaining health as it does not affect sight and skin.

3. Visual comfort

Smart lighting can be adapted according to the requirements of the users. Users can adjust the intensity according to their comfort level and wants. Visual comfort is the most essential aspect because using incorrect lighting increases the chances of visual diseases and vision issues. Some of the best features of intelligent lighting for visual comfort are:

● It avoids visual fatigue
● It controls the level of focus and illumination
● It avoids the momentary loss of vision
● It eliminates annoying effects that are linked to lighting.

4. Provides security

Using intelligent lighting in offices is the best option because it enhances the security of the place when oddities are detected. The lights can provide a visual alarm from the outside blinking. These luminaires can be programmed when a person leaves the office to simulate that someone is there inside to avoid an incident when no one is there.

5. Aesthetic

Intelligent lighting in the workspace is useful because it helps in creating different decorations that make the place look spacious and creates appealing designs in various places. Playing with colours and using a good combination is the best way to achieve an unmatchable aesthetic. This can be done by painting the ceiling white or beige in case the floor is dark, adding a light tone in the walls, using a light colour carpet can also be a good option.

6. Flexibility

Intelligent lightings are flexible because they can adapt to any type of office, hospital, home office, or hotel. It provides better clarity in every place where it is used based on the needs of every client.

Hence, we can see that there are endless advances in intelligent lighting. Using this technology in the office can save money and ensure the employees don’t feel uncomfortable while working due to an imbalance in lighting. If you are also planning to use smart lighting systems in your office then make sure to use products offered by well-known brands like Wipro Lighting. Its smart & connected lighting range under the Internet of Lighting (IoL)® provides a variety of products that can enhance your visual experience.

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