HVAC system are inevitable to install for bringing the comfort of air conditioning in to ones living place. A reliable and good quality HVAC system does not come cheap and costs a fortune to be bought and installed. But often during the long summers your HVAC system starts to malfunction, and you feel all the heat of the summer heating you up just in a short time.

Many a times it happens that due to the busy schedule of the service men you do not get an appointment right away and these repairs also don’t come cheap. But it is not necessary to spend a lot on these repairs. There are so may tips that can help you troubleshoot your HVAC malfunction. This way you will save extra expenditure on the repairs and do not have to wait for the repair guy to come and fix the problem at hand. So, before calling your HVAC repair man just try these simple DIY tips and hacks at your own end.

1: Check the Settings
The first and foremost rule is to check the settings of your HVAC system on the remote-control device. More often it happens that the settings are being changed by the children at your house or the settings get accidently changed. Whatever the case, check your remote control and check that if the settings are appropriate. HAVAC system works on two settings heat and cooling. Thus, check that if it’s on the cool. If it is right on the cool settings then check again if the FAN option is turned on or not, because if the fan option is ON your air conditioning will not work at all. In the end set the right thermostat on your system according to the weather condition.
2: Checking the Filters
The indoor units of HVAC system blow the cool air and ventilate the foul and humid air in the room. With the air the dust particles are also been vacuumed and accumulate on the HVAC indoor unit filters. So, if your cooling system is not working properly just open the front removable casing and check filters.
The dirty and dusty filters block the vents and make it hard for the cool air to blow outside. Just make sure your filters are in pristine condition before calling repairs.
3: Checking the Breaker
This is the most common problem of your AC not working properly. Because of the overload the breaker can get tripped, make you sweat in the mid of the night. So, check out if your breaker has been tripped or not If it has then put it on again and if its trips regularly then change your breaker.
4: Checking the Coils of Outdoor Unit
Just like checking the filters, checking the coils of the outdoor unit help you save money. Open the outdoor unit and check if there is any dirt, dust, leaves or straws got caught in the unit and clogging the vent system. Sometimes the coils can get frozen because of the cooling being obstructed by the grime. If so clean those coils with the system switched off and plugged out.

5: Out Door Unit Maintenance
Many a times the bushes and plant growth around the outdoor HVAC unit hinders the proper functioning of the system. It is wise to check out your unit for any unwanted growth around your unit and cut and clear the area for proper functioning of the system. The ducts should be clean and clear.
6: Checking the Coils of Indoor Unit
Just like the outdoor unit the trapped air cooling vent can result in iced coils in the indoor unit. To get rid of this problem just start the ‘Fan Only’ mode of your air conditioning for an hour. This will thaw the ice around the coils and make them properly in action again.

These easy tips can save you expensive repairs and cut your repairing expenditures. But when it comes to the gas leakage, electric malfunction and serious problem then it is wise to call professional technician.

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