A well defined set of eyebrows is something that every woman longs for. It not just uplifts the face but brings about attention to the eyes. The concept of eyebrow threading is something that gives the desired look as it involves precision. There is no use of chemicals, wax or even razors and a woman receives well defined eyebrows in no time with just a simple use of cotton threads.

Tugging the unwanted hair with the thread and shaping the eyebrows is all that is required. It takes a few minutes for you to receive that transformation. There are several who say that it is a painful process, but when done in the right way, there is perfection. While many women still find waxing to be a safer option, here is what you should know about eyebrow threading.

How does it work?

When it comes to eyebrow threading in Canberra, there is a cotton thread that is twisted and tugged at the area where there is excessive hair growth apart from the eyebrow line. Some like it straight while some like it curved and so depending on the type of eyebrows required, the expert tugs at one or multiple hair at once and that too from the roots. It can pull out tiny hair growing in between two eyebrows or even areas close to the eyes. All of these cannot be obtained by waxing or tweezing.

Does the process hurt?

Just like tweezing tugs at your brow hair, threading too does the same. When compared with waxing, there is lesser pain because waxing stretches and pulls the skin, but threading doesn’t. Moreover, threading is a task that would make you visit the salon every 3–4 weeks. Therefore, there is less growth of hair around the eyebrow shape and also less pain.

How fast does the eyebrow hair grow back?

It generally depends on person to person where depending on the hair growth rate does the hair around the eyebrows grow too. It generally takes around three to six weeks for it to grow back. Paying frequent visits to the salon ensures that you look perfect in no time

Does it take a lot of time to perform threading?

Well, when you visit a salon for eyebrow threading, you can leave within the next 10 minutes. It is that quick with no prior arrangements to be made for you. Unlike waxing where the wax needs to be heated up and then applied to the skin, there is just the need to hold a roll of thread and things are taken care of.

You do not witness ingrown hair

When it comes to tweezing or waxing the eyebrows, there are several who have complained of ingrown hair. This is something that doesn’t look good when looked closely. With eyebrow threading there is no ingrown hair at all and it is a permanent solution as well.

There is no additional cost

Well, eyebrow threading isn’t anything expensive. Instead, it is one of the cheapest and most affordable salon treatment. You get to pay money that is lesser than what you pay for waxing.

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The author has had close associations with those that help out with threading in Canberra and writes this article to help people know of facts associated with eyebrow threading.