The self-care methods for patients with chronic prostatitis must be carried out simultaneously in all aspects:

1. Have good living habits

Patients with prostatitis should first go to bed early, get up early and stay up late. Only by sleeping well can we improve our constitution, have good immunity and accelerate the recovery of diseases.

2. Keep good eating habits

Patients with prostatitis need to avoid drinking alcohol and spicy food. They can eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, coarse grains and soybean products. Also, eat more honey to keep the stool unobstructed. At the same time, taking seed food is also good for the prostate, you can choose pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and so on.

3. Reasonable release of sexual desire

Indulgence is harmful to prostate health, and abstinence is also harmful to prostate health. Reasonable release of sexual desire helps to keep gland health away from diseases.

4. Strengthen physical exercise

Jogging, walking, squatting and other sports have a good health care effect on the prostate. Men with exercise habits are far better than those without exercise habits when they reach middle-aged and old age. Therefore, exercise is an effective health care method to prevent prostate diseases.

5.Don't "tonify the kidney" easily

Most health products for tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang contain sex hormones, which will work quickly after taking, but will make the body rely on oral hormones, once not taken, it can not erect at all. Kidney-tonifying and yang-strengthening drugs are mostly of warm nature. Taking these drugs in the course of treatment will make the patient's condition more complex and changeable and more difficult to treat. Prostate disease can cause sexual function problems, but many patients with prostate disease are superstitious

"kidney tonic" to make up more symptoms and more serious! Although this disease looks like "kidney deficiency", it is not really deficient, so it can not tonify the kidney, and must not "tonify the kidney". "Compensation" is easy, but it is very troublesome to solve the subsequent problems.

6.Regular physical examination

The initial stage of prostate disease is the best time for treatment, but during this period of time, patients do not feel any symptoms, do not know that they have been ill. By the time symptoms appear, they have entered a difficult stage of treatment. Treatment should also check the glands and lesions from the results of the examination, in order to know the treatment, so we must check regularly.

Health care is only a part of the rehabilitation of chronic prostatic diseases, and more importantly, treatment based on the cause of disease can recover. The effect of clearing heat and detoxifying in Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill breaks the way for the continuation of inflammation.

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