Winter is here, and in a couple of weeks you’re going to start relying on your home heating system to keep comfortable. If you don’t have a reliable home heating system in place yet, now is the time to get one. There are a wide range of different heating systems available on the market, each suited to different individual needs. Let’s take a look at boilers here. how they work, and the advantages one could provide you this season.

How does a boiler work?

A boiler system is unlike a forced air system in many ways. Rather than using air to distribute heat, the boiler pumps hot water throughout the home. A network of pipes is installed in the subfloor of each room in the house that is to receive heat.
Occasionally, the network will have terminals like baseboard heaters or radiators attached to it. When the thermostat activates the boiler, it begins to run water through a heat exchanger in the unit. The warm water is then pumped throughout the pipe network in the home. As the water flows through the pipes under the floor, the heat from it radiates upward and into the room.

Now let's have a look at some of the benefits of installing a boiler system at home.

Clean form of heating

A boiler system doesn’t produce dust particles and other allergens.Since heat in a boiler system radiates out from the radiator into air that already exists, no new air is entering the space. In forced air systems the new air is what oftentimes causes dust and allergens to infiltrate the atmosphere.

Comfortable and high quality heat

The heat that you get from a boiler system is comfortable and relaxing. Heat from a radiator infuses the room, opposed to being forced through ductwork and out a vent. This gives radiator heat a different, fresher feeling than forced air systems and disperses the heat more evenly.

Higher efficiency

Since water is a much better medium for transporting thermal energy than air is; it warms up faster and stays warm for longer. Add to that the fact that boilers don’t have to worry about duct leaks, and it’s easy to see that boilers are far more energy efficient than forced air systems are.

It is much more efficient than a forced air system. Boiler heat is more efficient than traditional air heating for many reasons. Water holds more heat than air does. As soon as air is heated it cools quickly therefore your furnace turns off and on all day long. Hence it’s a much sought after energy efficient solution for your home.

Temperature zoning

You have the option of zoning temperature in your home and controlling it through the use of multiple zones saving you costs. A forced air system will not allow you to do this.

Infloor heating

Imagine the luxury of having a warm floor. Warm kitchen tiles and warm bathroom floor in the morning. It is comforting and it feels good. Boiler heating system uniformly keeps your home warm as opposed to a forced air system.

Quiet operation

It is another perk of boiler systems. Unlike forced air systems that produce noise as air circulates out the vents, a boiler heating system’s operational noise is confined to inside the boiler. The rest of the system is virtually silent with no disturbance at all.

Boilers also require inspections, maintenance and the occasional part replacement to extend lifespan and maintain efficiency. If you are considering upgrading your system, it’s possible to keep your existing unit. Boiler fitting companies in Birmingham will take care of all your needs.

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