The practice of yoga has been alive for many centuries now. Yoga is popular for its wide benefits, thus, several people are now engaged in such activity. While many forms of yoga are safe, some are too vigorous and may not be suitable for everyone. Yoga comes in many forms from easy movements with a slow pace to a more advanced level of yoga. Most importantly, yoga is more than just stretching your body or a simple fitness exercise. To learn more, here are 6 benefits you can expect explained by a top Las Vegas yoga studio.

1. Relaxation

Yoga for relaxation and reducing physical issues
According to studies, yoga is proved to be effective in improving a person’s sleep and quality of life. Yoga will help you sleep easily by improving the quality of your sleep. When you’ve had so many stressful things to deal with in your life, it could lead to mental illnesses like depression. If that time comes, yoga is one of the natural remedies for helping you de-stress and relax.

2. Breathing

Breathe. That’s always part yoga regardless of the type and pose. Focused breathing in yoga or also referred to as pranayama focuses on simple postures that is useful for controlling asthma. When you do your yoga routine, you will find your limbs being stretched and formed into various poses all the while keeping your breathing controlled and slow. It increases your lung capacity, improves your blood flow and tests your endurance limit.

3. Flexibility

Don’t let TV commercials of only young people doing yoga get your way. Age, too, does not matter in yoga. In fact, both stiff and old people are still capable of practicing yoga. You won’t always be doing splits and rolls all the time. Since yoga offers numerous poses, you can flex and exercise your muscles to some extent that will not endanger your health. What’s more, yoga help lubricate your body and soften its tense muscles and tissues. Frequency is the key here. The more time you practice yoga, the more flexible you become.

4. Back Pain

Yoga is a great exercise for those who are suffering from periodic back pains. It will help fight off the feeling of helplessness and frustration from constant pain. Back pain can be categorized into three types depending on the location of pain, which can be in the upper, lower, or middle. Doing some yoga routine will help you strengthen and stretch the muscles along your spinal cord, this, easing most if not all of your back pain. Yoga is fairly safe so there should not be a feeling of nausea or pain when you are practicing yoga or after your exercise.

5. Posture

To those who want to maintain or set a good posture, yoga is one of the best and easy ways to do it. With regular yoga, you will not have to worry about slouching or any bad posture behavior. Instead, you will now see yourself standing and moving straight with your improved core strength all the while maintaining a good awareness of your surroundings.

6. Strength

Lastly but definitely not the least is the benefit of increasing one’s stamina. Some yoga poses highly promote the building of your strength and stamina better than they ever were before yoga. Doing some yoga styles like power yoga or Ashtanga yoga can help you achieve this, although occasionally some people may find it really strenuous.

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Faith Patina is a freelance writer for a Las Vegas yoga studio. She also has a bachelor's degree in business management.