Tech gadgets are getting smaller and smaller, and everyone has their must-have list to own for a particularly smooth and fast lifestyle. You are probably reading this article by using one of the most common gadgets called a ‘smartphone’ which you carry everywhere with you to stay connected. With that smartphone, chances are you already own a portable power bank too, an audio gear to go with it. However, if you are looking to upgrade your list of items in your tech collection, we’ve rounded up a hand full of latest devices which you may be already interested to buy but looking for a green card to swatch your credit card for it.

1. Headphones: SONY WH-1000XM3

This is the best wireless and noise-reducing headphones out there, and Sony is known for its quality sound products, not only the performance, but the designs are pretty amazing and give you the style of your own. This headset comes with touch controls on the right ear cup which works accurately and a battery with a lasting life up to 30 hours, fantastic right?! The charging can be done using the USB-C rapid charging, and precise wireless sound performance is also a plus point. Cutting the story short, it is worth your money.

2: PhotoStick

Photostick is a small device which can save thousands of photos and video in single click. It automatically searches all the images and videos in your computer and you don’t need to search it yourself. It saves users time and remove the duplicate files. Moreover, it can take care of your security and privacy. Both Photostick 128 and photoStick 64 works best on MAC and Windows PC. This PhotoStick USB has maximum 128 GB space which also have a best security software that can keep thousands of photos and videos. Furthermore, if you are fear of damage computer, broken hard or any other problem to lose personal images, then go for the photostick.


Dell XPS 13 of 2019 edition is giving competition to MacBook. The 13-inch laptop is very lightweight and slim, with a processing efficiency to work with heavy software. It has full UHD touchscreen version, and a tiny bezel screen shows that it has a small footprint and that makes it easy to carry around. The newest edition also comes with a webcam placed over the display.


Samsung’s Q900 is known to deliver accurately what the company promises. It is an 8k TV that is ready to purchase. It comes in varied sizes of 85, 75, and 65 inches. The HDR performance is a milestone for Samsung with hitting the peak brightness levels of 4k nits, which in easy words means that the content you’d see will be just as precisely the creator’s made it. The design covers all the exacting standards of Samsung’s quality products, and 15ms input lag makes it an excellent option for gaming. This is probably, by far the best TV out there in the market right now. No doubt it is expensive, but it’s worth it.


If you don’t already own a fitness tracker, the FITBIT ALTA HR is your best start. This is, unlike a smartwatch can work for over a whole week without a lagging battery. It is very functional and tracks the steps, calories burned, sleep, heart rate and also has the tendency to include the extras. The design comes in with six colors. The accessory bands, however, are sold separately. The only demerit is the non-waterproof design.


If we say that; Huawei P30 Pro offers the best designs would be an understatement. The screen, the camera is the holy trinity of superb design that comes with four different cameras, a fast fingerprint sensor with a very sleek look. The smartphone is well spaced; the HI is straightforward to love with and hence comes into our picks of best gadgets in the smartphone category. You have our 100% recommendation!

Final Verdicts:

These were the top 6 picks in different genres of tech gadgets if you are looking to upgrade your existing devices or even getting a new one: you must do your research and figure out the best way to spend your money, however, if the budget is the least of your problems you can pick any of our suggested gadgets without a second thought.

Happy Buying!

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