The taste rating for electronic cigarettes is a good thing. Electronic cigarettes came into fashion not so long ago, but already today many smokers have switched to soaring. In addition, even those people who have never indulged in tobacco, are addicted to a newfangled occupation. We will not talk about the advantages and disadvantages of vaping; a lot has already been said about this. Today’s speech we decided to devote to the review of the most popular soaps for soaring.

A bit about slurry
Before considering the rating of tastes for electronic cigarettes, we will figure out what is a vapor liquid in general. Electronic gas station is sold in small containers from 10 to 120 ml.
There are such slurries:
nicotine - they have the smell of famous tobacco products, including cigars;
tonic - characterized by the aromas of drinks and confectionery;
creamy and dairy;
fruit and berry.

Most of the high-quality e-cigarette liquids, regardless of brand, are made from the same components. Most often, the liquid for soaring consists of five components:
Water. With regard to the quality of this component, there will not be much to write about it, because this is water. True, water-water is different (technical or purified), and yet, most manufacturers of high-quality gas stations make their products based on purified water in an amount of about 12% of the total slurry.
Propylene glycol. The component by which vaping refills become viscous. It is characterized by a lack of color and a slightly sweetish aftertaste.
Glycerol. Used as a thickener. If the steam liquid is made according to all requirements, then it should not leak and spit during inhaling, falling into the mouth of the steam worker with steam. This is exactly what glycerin is responsible for.
Flavors. This component is necessary in order to provide the very pleasant sensations that the vaper receives in the process of soaring. If we talk about branded and high-quality dressings, then they include only acceptable food flavorings of natural origin or completely similar to them.
Nicotine. It is not present in all liquids for electronic cigarettes, since there are nicotine-free samples for those who do not want to harm their health. Despite the fact that many "experts" claim that nicotine as a component of vape dressing is practically harmless, we will not share this opinion. Nicotine is nicotine. But to note that its amount in the liquid is still small. According to research, electronica is 5 times less nicotine than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The best slurry for soaring
Well, we got to the most important thing, to consider new and, most likely, the most high-quality liquids for soaring. So, the top flavors for electronic cigarettes are as follows.

Sludge of American origin, produced in large volumes. The manufacturer emphasized precisely the volume of 120 ml, due to which, in fact, it was possible to achieve such popularity. It is very convenient to purchase large-volume vapor mixtures, since the performance of modern evaporators requires frequent refueling. Liquid bottles are designed in a design that is pleasing to the eye. And thanks to the widest palette of tastes, anyone, even the most selective vaper, can pick up something for themselves, because overseas flavonists are well-oriented among the aromas and are able to create, well, ooooooooo amazing and breathtaking tastes for vapes.

Doctor Grimes Mixture for soaring domestically produced. It has an attractive design with which most Western brands cannot even argue. As for the taste, then the domestic manufacturer tried. You can say this in a few words: the design exactly justifies the content. Moreover, the manufacturer is pleased that he sells liquid for soaring in large volume bottles - 120 ml. And this, in turn, is very profitable and convenient for owners of powerful setups.

This is the name given to electronic cigarette refills, which is made in Malaysia. Well, lovers of steam should probably not talk about what unique flavors are used in the production of these liquids. Such incredibly vivid sensations from soaring "Malaziek" will not leave, perhaps, indifferent to the most sophisticated steam workers. Among the variety of “Malaziek” pro-vapers distinguish the most high-quality and delicious:
The ohm;
These electronic refills are poured into standard glass bottles for premium liquids. You can choose any brand and taste on the site

The liquids of this brand can be characterized as follows: minimalism in design and variety in tastes. Bright and incredibly tasty milk mixes are divided into 4 different flavors, which are combined among themselves with creamy milk notes present in every taste. MYLK vaporization slurries are sold in bottles made of glass. Each fragrance is packed in a cardboard box, which depicts cans of milk. The country the manufacturer of this brand is America, and this fact cannot but please the smokers. Indeed, in the United States produced truly excellent refills for electronic cigarettes.

Cake Vapors Liquids of incredible deliciousness, in which even the tastes of such a dessert as a cheesecake are beaten, and in three different versions. The packaging containers of these slurries also look fascinating, because they are sold in packaging in the form of a portioned piece of delicious dessert. Even outwardly the product looks very tasty. And how good are the taste qualities of Cake Vapors? Do they meet the requirements of sophisticated vapers? Of course - yes! The breathtaking and incredibly multifaceted tastes of slurries are able to convey the sweetness of the claimed aromas in all colors.

In terms of taste, this brand occupies the top of the podium among premium soaking liquids. NKTR is perhaps the most outstanding premium filler for electronic products. Such popularity is due to the fact that manufacturers approached the creation of fillings very thoroughly. To begin with, the flavoring “fillings” for the liquids of this brand were created by professional sommeliers and experts in the field of vaping. In addition to the highly professional selection of aromatic components that accurately convey the taste of fruits, they are called nectars in NKTR, and unusual TFN nicotine obtained from laboratory tests is used in the production of these liquids. What does this acronym mean TFN? Among professionals, this is the name for the most pure nicotine, which does not contain additional impurities. It follows that such a product will be more digestible than any other nicotine liquid obtained synthetically or organically. We hope that these tips will help you make the right choice in the direction of the liquid for your vape, which will give you a lot of pleasure while hovering!

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