So many body builders think that misconceptions and myths are the last things they should be worrying about when they have body building targets to get to meet. I’ll tell you this, if you are one of such body builders, I’ll advise you to have a re-think. You will be shocked to find out that
there many things you think and believe about body building that are actually wrong, and with my years of experience, I can say that these things go a long way to affect your workouts and the results you get.

Misconceptions will make body builders train less efficiently, buy useless products and end up getting little or no results for great efforts. Take your time to go through the following – I am sure you will come out with a better understanding.

1. Your Muscle Will Turn To Fat On Stoppage Of Training

This is absolutely wrong, in the event that you stop training, the only thing that will happen is that your muscles will shrink and finally soften up. The right explanation for the fats you see is that, once you stop your muscle building exercises, which are invariably fat burning exercise; consumption of foods especially without measuring them will lead to storage fats. That is why, as one of basic principle of body building, whether you have achieved you desired body or not, you are still expected to continue with your body building diet.

This will prevent further fats from storing up and at the same time help you maintain your new body. Muscles can no sooner turn to fats than gold can turn into lead.

2. Women Are to Train Differently From Men

When analyzed critically, there is no difference between the muscle tissues of women and that of men. The only difference is that women may not be able to put on the same amount of muscles as men, and this is because men and women have different levels of similar hormones.

There is absolutely no reason why men and women should train differently if they have the same goal. The beauty of body building programs is the fact that it is possible to train specific areas of your body depending on what your fitness goals are.

3. One Must Eat Foods High In Sugar for Extra Energy Before Workouts

Simple sugars are the best types of sugar to take when one needs a quick burst of energy. These types of sugar are easily broken down by the body and will supply energy faster to the organs of the body. When you take complex sugars, your body will definitely use energy to metabol1ze them. In other words, your body will use up more energy to burn complex sugar than it will use to burn simple sugars. With that said, it is better to take simple sugars.

4. Lifting weight will decrease muscle flexibility

I have reasons to believe that this myth was fueled from the tight feeling usually felt after an intense workout, especially weight lifting. The contraction and relaxation of the muscles with a small pain after workouts is normal, but if the workout is intense, more pain and tightness will be felt.
However, by stretching, you will be able to alleviate the pains and tightness. It is wrong to think that weight lifting will decrease muscle flexibility.

5. Starving Sheds Fats

It is unfortunate that a vast majority of people still believe that starvation will help them curb excess weight. This can be no further from the truth, as starvation will lead to a long term gain of fat instead –especially belly fats.

When you starve, your body adopts a system of slow metabolism. Slow metabolism will cause more fats to store up as a reserve to make up for times when the supply of food will be short. Starvation will make you tired; thus, making it difficult for you to continue with workouts.

6. Following a pro bodybuilder's program is ideal

It is not entirely bad to get advice from pro bodybuilders and follow them, but adopting their workout program will not do you good. Remember that each individual has a different body type and different body needs, so what works for Mr. A may not work for Mr. B. The best thing you can do
for your self is to find a bodybuilding program that works for you. Bear in mind also that it takes lots of time and consistency to get to the uppermost echelon of body building.

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