You have evaluated various business ideas, researched the markets beforehand, made excellent planning; in short, everything is as it should be for business setup in Dubai and become a success, with full personal satisfaction and making good money. Calm down; not everything is a bed of roses. Be prepared for the following problems that are the most common during business setup in Dubai.

Delay in the regularization of company documentation
This is a more common problem than we can imagine. Even if you have researched all the licenses and records required to open the company, delays can often occur that can cost some of the company's working capital. Such a forecast for delays should be in the business plan as a reserve for contingencies, but this is not always the case.

Imagine a delay of 60 days in a license, which prevents the operation of the company, as in the case of a sanitary surveillance license for a pharmacy. What's more, often the entrepreneur has personal expenses that were already planned for the first six months of running the business and with this delay can disrupt his entire planning.

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Excessive taxation and lack of knowledge of values
The cost of failing to make any tax liability, whether as an ancillary obligation (e.g., proper filing of required documents) or the main tax liability (e.g. payment of tax due) may cost a lot more, in the form of fines or even prevent the perfect functioning of the company.

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Inappropriate definition of the sale price
For non-existent companies as well as for new companies the proper definition of the sale price is one of the difficulties that the entrepreneur faces. It is necessary to know that the formation of the sale price goes through financial calculations (operating costs + product cost + intended profit), market analysis and the prices charged by the competition. Form the selling price goes much further than adding a percentage value on the invoice price.

Insufficient cash flow
There are several causes that can lead a company to a negative cash flow and this is one of the causes of early business mortality. It is very important and every entrepreneur should have a special concern with having an information system that allows you to monitor cash flow frequently. Many times the entrepreneur does not even know how much he has to receive and pay in the current month.

Lack of financing for new companies
Just as for new business setup in Dubai and for companies with less than a year of operation is almost impossible to get financing to invest or touch the business. A very common financing requirement is for working capital due to inadequate planning and lack of a reserve value for contingencies.

Lack of planning
One of the most frequent reasons for business failure is the lack of planning. Here we are talking about planning after the company's opening. Often the entrepreneur is so focused on solving daily business problems that he cannot get an overview of the scenario the company is in to predict a market trend and anticipate the actions needed to seize an opportunity or even defend itself from a threat of the environment in which the company is embedded.

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Be prepared for the following problems that are the most common during business setup in Dubai