Every year Magento manages almost over $100 billion of gross in merchandise volume, so undoubtedly Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, trusted by thousands of merchants worldwide. It provides a perfect combination of digital and dynamic shopping experience to the customer. So, to deliver this experience seamlessly to your customer, you need to be error free from all the significant technical flaws. However, sometimes it gets a bit tricky to handle a huge code web of any ecommerce store. Therefore, to help you out with this, we are providing you a Magento development service, that has a list of critical errors, which you should avoid during the Magento ecommerce development of your store.

Below are the given Magento SEO Mistakes:

Forgetting to change the default Meta tags
Most of the ecommerce store owners, forget to change the default Meta tags from their site and later they suffer in getting better rankings on the search engine. Therefore, default title tags and Meta descriptions mean, that they are not optimized for search engines as there is not targeting any keyword in it. Hence, it's better to add relevant keywords within your title tags and Meta descriptions to improve SEO rankings because it will help you to boost the click through rate of your Magento store. Besides, it also helps you to ensure that you are using unique, engaging and SEO friendly Meta descriptions.

Neglecting your alt tags
If your e-store isn’t SEO optimized, then your product images will not get a higher ranking. Therefore, if you are not adding alt tags to the image, then search engine crawlers will not be able to find what image is all about. Thus, adding relevant, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly alt tags on images will help you to improve the visibility of your provided images on Google and other search platforms.

Using non-descriptive URLs
It is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to optimizing ecommerce store for search engine, where it also helps to optimize the URLs of your each and every page. So, that the search engine spider, can read and index your site quickly and easily, by adding the relevant keyword into the URLs. This will help you to index your web store with ease. Therefore, if you want to drive more web customer towards your store, then make sure you create readable, engaging and search engine friendly URLs.

Disabling Customer Product Reviews
Customer reviews are the most crucial part of your product page. If this is not available on your Magento e-commerce development, then it may probably lose many of your potential customers because reviews can play a significant role in building your trust with customers. Even in studies, it has shown that people trust online reviews as much as their friends. Henceforth, if you have a customer review section on your ecommerce store, then it can help to leverage your online store. There are even tools which will also help retailers to encourage buyers to leave their feedback by allowing them to write the pros and cons of the product.

Poorly Designed Product Pages
Product description plays a significant role when it comes to encouraging a user to place an order. So, it should be accurate and enticing to pull the user's attention. Therefore, the description should always be unique even if you are selling the same product as everyone else. So, write down the essential details which no one has mentioned. Thus, you can also make a separate column for frequently asked question.

Complex Checkout Process
Almost about 70% of a user usually abandons their cart process as it is too complicated and lengthy. Where the best thing in which a business can do, is to carry out the A/B testing of existing checkout page to discover which an all improvement need to complete.

Below are the given tips to follow:
• You should allow guest checkout processes because many people prefer using this option due to its ease.
• Provide a social login option to enable newcomers to register quickly.
• One-page checkout is highly recommendable.
• Should remove unnecessary steps to save consumers time.
So, for wrapping up, there are many different things which ecommerce website owner should take to make to their business successful. Therefore, above are given points to keep in mind’ to help Magento developer for eliminating mistakes and ensuring a successful business.

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