Did you ever think you were showering the wrong way? Or that your shower and overall bath process might actually be wrong, and could do more harm than good, even when under the exquisite bronze showerhead? Well, there is one way to find out. If you do any of the things listed below, then you might consider restructuring your bath process so you can maximize the very reason why you choose to spend time in the bathroom in the first place.

1. Dirty bathtubs

Quick question, when last did you scrub that bathtub clean? Don’t use a bathtub? Ok, when last did you wash your bathroom walls and floors? If it anywhere beyond a week, take time out and wash. Bathrooms are a good breeding ground for bacteria.

2. Avoiding cold showers

It might be a shocker to know that a burst of cold water at the end of your shower can be quite good for you.
Cold water immersion has been linked to increased tolerance to stress, a stronger immune system, increased fat burning, and anti-depressant effects. Having a bath under a bronze showerhead is a great therapy.

3. Not moisturizing

Not moisturizing or even delaying the moisturizing process is bad for your skin.

Moisturizer is absorbed just a little bit better when your skin is nice and warm, and you will also want to replenish any moisture your skin lost from being in that hot water.

4. Rubbing towels hard on hair and skin

When you dry yourself too roughly, you damage your skin. Toweling off too roughly further aggravates delicate skin, while air drying can lead to chapping. Try using a fluffy towel to lightly pat, not scrub or rub, your body.

5. Bacteria-infested soap dishes and loofahs

Leaving a bar of soap in one spot could be encouraging bacteria to grow on it—bacteria that you are then going to spread over your entire body the next time you lather up.
This is all shades of bad and should be stopped, and let us be he honest, how long has the same loofah been hanging in your shower? Months? YEARS? As it turns out, that can be terrible for your health. Make an effort to change your loofah or bathing sponge as regularly as possible.

6. Washing your feet poorly

If you want to avoid foot fungus or nasty foot bacteria, you may just want to give your feet a scrub while you are in the shower. Poorly washing your foot simply because you feel water running from your head will cleanse the foot is a very wrong assumption. Not forgetting that our feet experience the most exposure to specks of dust and dirt, especially if you are known to walk around the house or outdoors without socks or shoes.

Even if you are not prone to smelly feet, think about how sweaty your feet can get throughout the day while in your pair of socks or boots. Now, imagine what you’re bringing into your bed every night without giving those feet a good wash.

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