In order to immigrate to Canada, it is essential to meet requirements of CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. According to this system, individuals need to score at least 67 points so that they can migrate to Canada as a skilled worker. However, there are some considerations which enable the candidate to make the most out of Canada express entry points calculator and proceed to the next level of immigration:

Language skills: As a part of language testing, it is essential that a candidate is able to communicate rightly in one of the official languages of Canada. Therefore, the person has to appear for the test, wherein he should either be able to understand English, French or both the languages to score points in Canada express entry points calculator. The points are rewarded to the candidate on the basis of his reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the either of the above stated languages or both of them. An approved language test is applicable to check the competence of applicant on grounds of language.

Education: In terms of education, completing education in Canada and presenting certificate of Canadian education like diploma, degree are important to score points on this factor. In addition, when the case of foreign education is concerned, the Educational Credential Assessment or ECA report is required for immigration purposes. It should in turn be verified by the designated organization to be able to clear this level of evaluation in Canada express entry points calculator. The secondary institution or senior secondary institution certificates should be shown so that points are further calculated in the sphere of education while migrating to Canada.

Work Experience: In this consideration, the number of points are added on the basis of work experience of the paid work. The experience of 30 hours is equivalent to full time job or at least 15 hours per week for 24 months is deemed as applicable for rewarding points to the applicant. Moreover, it should be stated whether the score increases in Canada express entry points calculator only if he has worked in Canada or abroad while studying or while being self-employed. If you are not sure about the eligibility in terms of work experience in the process of immigration, then, it is advisable to identify National Occupation Classification (NOC) to get familiar with the types of jobs in Canada Economy. In short, this NOC Code enables you to add information about your work experience in express entry profile according to the relevance. The precise information of added in your profile will fetch you more points in the immigration process.

Age: There are different points for age criterion in Canada express entry points calculatorto proceed with procedure of immigration. The minimum points are rewarded to the person who is below 18 while the maximum points in this eligibility are offered to people who have attained 47 years’ age or more.

Arranged employment in Canada: Having an offer letter of employment in Canada of at least one year can help you in securing points in the express entry process. Nevertheless, it is important to have this offer letter in advance so that you can be classified as a Federal Skilled Worker. The whole idea of this factor is that immigration officers should be convinced that an individual is able to work in Canada and will be able to become licensed or certified while in Canada.

Adaptability: In this section of Canada express entry points calculator, if your spouse is accompanying you in the immigration process, then, points for adaptability can be attained. This includes points for spouse’s language skills, education, past work experience in Canada and relatives in Canada.

To wrap it up, if you follow the above considerations of Canada express entry points calculator, then, immigration prospects will increase to a great extent.

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Anirudh Sharma is an Immigration adviser associated with MapleCan Visas is the most trusted and iccrc registered Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE.