CoolSculpt also called cryolipolysis, is a medical procedure that helps remove excess fat cells from under the skin. If you are thinking of undergoing a CoolSculpt treatment, then there are many clinics in the United States that provide CoolSculpt service like if you live in New York easily get the services of CoolSculpt in NYC. we are sure that you have multiple doubts before getting CoolSculpt service. With this article, we want to answer some of the questions that patients have asked us throughout our experience.

1. How does CoolSculpt work?

CoolSculpt is an innovative technique to reduce localized fat through the application of cold. It is one of the most effective non-invasive treatments that currently exist as long as it is performed with the appropriate professionals.

The cooling of the fat cells causes them to freeze and die, later they are expelled from the body through urine and sweat over the following weeks.

2. What is a CoolSculpt session like?

Each CoolSculpt session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes approximately.

Once the area to be treated is determined, the professional will apply an antifreeze membrane that will prevent the dermis from suffering any injury due to low temperatures. Subsequently, using an advanced device, a controlled cold will be applied, between 5 and -10 degrees, on the area to be treated. Once the indicated time has passed, the applicator is removed and a massage is performed on the area. In the following weeks, the patient will physiologically eliminate the fat cells and can immediately return to their daily life.

3. Who can undergo CoolSculpt treatment?

CoolSculpt is a suitable treatment for men and women who want to eliminate localized fat resistant to diet and exercise, but do not want to undergo surgery.

Although it is a treatment that does not present serious risks, it is not indicated for people who do not have good physical, mental and emotional health. Pregnant women, people with circulation disorders, diabetes or Reynauds disease should not undergo CoolSculpt treatment. In addition, it is not indicated for people who suffer from obesity and have large amounts of fat.

4. Does CoolSculpt have contraindications or is it dangerous?

Unlike other treatments, such as liposuction, CoolSculpt does not have serious side effects. You must bear in mind that the risk of side effects and complications will largely depend on the doctor who performs the treatment, so it is very important to choose an experienced and trusted professional.

Some of the side effects that can appear after treatment are redness, bruising, swelling, itching and numbness of the treated area. All the effects are temporary and disappear, at most in 2 - 4 weeks afterwards.

Diarrhoea can occasionally occur, during the body's elimination of dead fat cells through the stool. Finally, there are a number of less common complications that can occur after CoolSculpt treatment, such as a change in skin colour or a dry mouth sensation. If you still have doubts about the contraindications or risks that CoolSculpt can produce.

5. Is CoolSculpt effective for cellulite reduction?

CoolSculpt is, together with mesotherapy and draining massages, one of the most effective non-invasive treatments to eliminate cellulite.

6. Are the results of CoolSculpt permanent?

CoolSculpt is undoubtedly one of the most effective techniques to achieve the reduction of localized fat, and the results vary according to the individual, the thickness of the fat deposits treated and the lifestyle that the treated person maintains after the treatment.

For the results to be effective and lasting, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet and practice physical exercise, a sedentary life and a poor diet will destroy the results achieved.

In addition, for the results to be maintained over time and not to regain the lost fat, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise several times a week. 

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