Have you also taken a dangerous selfie just to show off your Facebook friends, tried the latest Kiki challenge, shared everything on social media, downloaded every app? I agree that we all do the stupid things but have you ever given a thought that how these things can become a danger to your life. This technology was created to make our life easy but you know your information is no safer.

When you are sharing everything on social media, you are allowing people to track you. When you are downloading every app, you are increasing the chance of cyber theft. When you are doing the stupid challenges, you are putting your life at risk. Have your mind filled up with a lot of questions that how it is happening? Let’s clear all your doubts.

1. Sharing everything on social media
What is the logic behind of sharing the food you are eating on social media, posting your traveling status etc? People prefer to post on social media before they start eating. You know by doing this you are becoming trackable by yourself. You are making your personal life more and more social so people can easily know about you and your lifestyle. This thing can become a danger for you.

2. Doing Dangerous Challenges
The technology was developed for smart work but these technology has made the people dumb. People go to dangerous places to take selfies, do the latest kiki challenge. They know that this thing can put their lives in danger but still, they don’t understand this.

3. Downloading every app
You see very interesting ads for the app and download the app. You don’t check what permissions you are giving to the app. Do you know that google play store has malicious apps which can bring risk to your smartphone? By downloading every app, you are giving permissions to malware to enter in your phone.

4. Giving your phone to a child
It has become a very common thing to give the phone to the child so you can do your work without any hassle. Do you have any idea how this thing is impacting your child’s life? Is your child getting what he actually deserves? Show some responsibility and love instead of doing this.

5. Relying on it for everything
It’s a really stupid thing if you are relying on a smartphone for everything; directions, relationships, information, a reminder. By doing this, you are making your mindless productive and active. Try to do small things by yourself. You can take the help of the smartphone to make your task easy.

6. Not monitoring privacy settings
Your smartphone retains all your personal data without your consent. First, It may bring you danger if your phone gets stolen. Second, an app on your phone may be tracking more than required. It is always recommended to secure your phone with a password and enable remote wipe to avoid any these circumstances.

We all do the above-mentioned things knowingly or unknowingly. Have you ever thought that is this the right way to use the technology? Share your views over it.

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Sakshi Jain is blogger by profession, continuously exploring her digital marketing skills. Working with InstaCash "Online platform to sell your phone".