Whether you want to sell your products or want to buy something, placing an ad on free classified ad sites is a breeze. It doesn't take a genius and won't take much of your time. In most cases, it takes a few minutes to write your ad and have it displayed. This article will guide you through the placement process of your very first ad.

1. Create an account

The first step is to create an account of a seller or buyer, depending on how you are going to use the classified ad site. Most of these sites have Save button that you will click to create your account. Fill out the required information on the form, enter your email address and provide a password. It's also a better idea to put a picture of you in there.

Why bother creating an account, you can ask? Well, there are benefits available to members that you may want to enjoy. On the one hand, your ads will be stored in an easy-to-use place from which you can monitor and edit at any time, and create new ones. If you're just looking for an item to buy, having an account allows you to organize your favorite finds in one place, with your recently viewed ads.

2. Zero Advertising Cost

Plenty of websites let you post free classified ads in Nigeria to enhance your products visibility online. It means that small businesses do not have to pay a single penny for these online advertising ads.

3. Place an ad

Now that your account is installed, you can start placing your ad. Click Sell an item if you want to sell your products or offer your services or your business. Choose Buy an item if you are looking for something to buy.

4. Provide details of the article

Be sure to give all relevant details about the item you are selling or buying. This is to avoid misconceptions about the product and avoid refunds. Make the most of your ad title. Create an ad that is not only descriptive of the item you are selling, but seductive as well.

Include keywords that your potential buyers can use to search. Be very specific in your description of the item - its condition, price, postage price, among others. It's also important to put your ad in the right category to increase your article's chances of being seen by the right customers in as many clicks as possible.

5. Provide a photo

A picture really paints a thousand words. And it sells, too. Download a nice photo of the product you advertise and get more views, and hopefully more sales.

6. Post your ad

The final step is to publish your ad by clicking on the Publish Ad button or something similar. Most classified ad sites send confirmation to your email to get your ad online. If so, simply check the email address you provided when you registered and click for the confirmation link to be published.

There you go. Easy and simple, right? Listing your ad on free classified ad sites shouldn't be as complicated as you thought. The trick here is to use a classified ad site that provides the easiest way for you to buy and sell online.

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Cristina Herrera has a BA in Journalism. And she is an Independent Journalist. Her passion in life is to write meaningful stories and help others through research and content. She truly believes that knowledge is power. So, she wants to share her experiences through content.