Creative writing is not rocket science. What makes it seem different is the fact that it requires one to write with feeling and emotions. Some widely claim that creative writing is an art, but isn’t that true of every form of writing? No matter how many opinions surround creative writing the one fact is that creative writing CAN be learned. Here are a few tips for creative writing:

1. Let Words Flow: Keep converting your thoughts into words and continue writing in a flow. Even the best creative writing in the first draft look like a haphazard arrangement of words. Make use of simple words and structure your sentences properly because you might not find time for it later.

2. Meditate: You need an extremely calm state of mind for creative writing. Only in a relaxed state of mind can you think well. A relaxed body and mind help you in streamlining the flow of thoughts. Having meditated on the topic well, you need to jot down the points that you reflected upon in a notebook. Even the words that don’t seem fit in the context should be jotted down.

3. Brainstorm: Let your friends and family know what you are thinking of writing about. Your first thoughts are a result of meditation and the remaining ideas can come from opinions and advice. By discussing your motives and purpose of writing an article you can create an extraordinary piece.

4. Be Comfortable: A comfortable and serene environment is required for creative writing to blossom. Select a workplace that inspires creativity. There should not be any disturbance at the place where you work. This kind of an environment not just boosts creativity but also enhances productivity.

5. Get Creative: The best way to be creative is to get creative. Do things that make you happy. Emotions play a vital role in creative writing. If you are sad or enraged, put it down on paper. When you channel your feelings you are creating an outlet for poetic expression.

6. Borrow From Philosophy: You don’t need to get extremely philosophical but reading some literature on the subject opens up the mind. In fact, reading good books is a good way of enhancing vocabulary and improving thought process.

Creative writing is misunderstood as a characteristic of a few who possess extraordinary skills. You will be surprised to know how simple and satisfying creative writing is once you begin with it. Creative writing relies more on experience and opinions rather than facts or figures. The language is interactive and engaging. The good point is that you need not be politically correct with creative writing; however, you have to explain why you say what you do. Keeping your point and individuality above everything else is significant to creative writing. Adjust your mood according to the situation and surrounding, listen to some soft and soothing music and gear up to pour out your feeling on a piece of paper. Nonetheless, don’t miss out on perfecting your work by editing it.

Author's Bio: 

Ridhima Gupta is a content writing professional with 5 years of experience in the industry. At present, she works on a gamut of projects as a freelancer, apart from being involved in her full-time job as a senior content writer with a leading content writing company.