‘Winter is coming’ is a popular statement, make popular because it was mentioned in the highly successful and popular TV series titled Game of Thrones. While the statement portends something ominous, this time it indicates something which is both full of fun and educational.

With the winter holiday, there are so many fun activities to be carried out and also so many plans to be made. All these are fully educational and whatever you learn will do you a world of good in the future.

Tony from Amarine will introduce six educational experiences in this coming winter holiday:


Skating involves gliding on ice skates or making use of roller skaters. Skating can usually be done in the form of competitive sports or as a hobby or pastime. This coming winter is the best time to enjoy and have fun with skating.

Skating can be done on hard surfaces or on ice. There are so many ways of skating on ice. There is figure skating, speed skating and tour skating. In figure skating, this involves a person or many people perform on figure skates. Speed skating involves people competing against one another. Tour skating involves skating on ice over a long distance.

Skating during the winter holidays is always full of fun and there are so many things to learn. All over the world, there are many cities and places where you can enjoy skating during the holiday. In these places, you can either skate indoors or outdoors.

Some of the places to enjoy skating includes the Vienna Ice Dream in Vienna, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Banff Lake Louise in Canada, Dubai Ice Rink in Dubai and so on. You can learn a lot from holidaying in these places.


Obviously, as the name implies, ice fishing has to do with fishing relating to ice. In fact, you require lines, fish hooks or spears to catch fish through openings in the ice. This is a wonderful endeavor and there are so many advantages in it.

One benefit of ice fishing is that you don’t have to have any skill before you can do it. A complete novice who has no single idea about fishing can easily fish on the ice.

Another benefit is that you can have a whole lot of fun while doing it and also learn about the environment in which you are fishing, including the weather and the type of fish in the water.

If you are looking for wonderful places to do some ice fishing, one place to go is Higgins Lake in Michigan. Another place is Devil’s Lake in North Dakota or Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan, and so on.


A snowman is a figure or model which is made after the likeness of a man on the snow. Snowman models are fun to make and they are a popular feature during the winter holidays on beaches or private residences with lots of snow.

If you are a parent, you can form a tight bond by teaching your kids how to make a Snowman model. Making snowman models builds up the creativity in children and helps them to express themselves freely and allows them to use their imagination.


Snowboarding can be compared to skating in that it can be done either competitively or as a hobby. It involves sliding downhill on a snowboard. Snowboarding offers a lot of educational opportunities and there are also so many advantages associated with it.

The activity is a great form of exercise that can boost your health. It can help you improve your flexibility and your muscular strength. The activity involves a lot of coordination and control. Skateboarding can help you improve your coordination in not only in the activity but also other sports.

Also, if your joints have been tight, skateboarding can help you to loosen them. You can learn so many things that you didn’t know before with skateboarding, especially physics.

5. Save up Money

You can learn how to save up money in the winter holiday. Usually, it is a period where one should relax and have fun in a nice vacationing area. Enjoying your vacation is a wonderful way to learn how to save up money.

There are still so many things to do with money and you need to get ready. Like wise men usually advise, don’t buy things you don’t really need. Instead, save the money for future purposes. You will be glad you did.


Another way to enjoy an educational experience in winter holiday is by going on a trip. The trip can be to anywhere you wish. All you have to do is make plans within your budget and go to a place where you can learn a lot.

You can leave your location or even your country. Go to places you have never been too and you are sure to learn a lot on the way.

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