1. If the presence of Venus-Mars is in the 8/12 house, the person is sensual.

2. The main role of the lord of the tenth house in increasing sex is if the lord of it comes in the seventh house or is in the ascendant and it is mainly Venus or Mars, such a person is lustful by nature and has a relationship with many women. 4 7 If it is in the 12th, or if both the planets are forming, then this is a sign of the native being very sexy. If these planets are more powerful, the native forgets the dignity of time and day and night, sex always remains inactive. Mars is zealous, and Venus is experienced, so when these two are combined, this effect is found correct in most of the horoscopes. This applies to both legal and illegal relationships.

3. The fourth house of the horoscope is of happiness, the seventh house represents the secret part of the genitals and the 12th house is the bed of happiness…! Therefore, if the combination of Saptamesh and Kishtesh is in 4, 7 or 12, the Jatakas / Jatikas are extreme.

4. In the horoscope of Jatika, if there is Venus + Rahu or Chandra + Rahu in the seventh and Guru in the 12th, then in most cases it has been found that even after marriage, illicit physical relations are formed. Then the possibility increases further if they are in a government / private job.

5. In the horoscope of Jataka / Jatika, even if Guru and Venus are devoted, they are extreme yoga, and this yoga enhances the personal pleasures of married life, personal relationship, and personal relationship. In the case of Jataka, if Mars and Venus are congruent, then this proves to be meaningful.

6. The biggest contributor to impotence is Saturn and Mercury, so if both these planets are in the seventh, or are looking at the seventh, then the Jataka / Jatika are monotonous and inept in terms of sex. The native lacks excitement. If this is the combination in the 12th house, or if both these planets are sight-related, then the person is suffering from premature ejaculation.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.