A good diet isn’t just about losing calories; it’s about eating the right food in the correct quantities. Healthy food is available from many sources; and farm food delivery By Good Grub People is an excellent way to get health conscious produce from the net. However, knowing the healthiest foods is as important as knowing where to get it when deciding on your diet. Here are a few tips on the types of everyday food we all have access to that you can choose to fulfil your dietary needs; helping with your general health and weight loss.


Perhaps not the most obvious choice, but a lemon will help your body absorb all of the dangerous anti-toxins found in many foods, could help as a natural anti-inflammatory, and stop the development of cancerous cells in your body. All this on top of supplying your total vitamin C content for the day. Lemon juice is easily added to your diet in salads or drinks, so make sure you do.


A study on the snacking habits of people has shown that, though almonds are high in calories, they do not pile the inches on the waste-line. This is great news in a diet, especially as almonds are high in fibre content and full of protein and vitamin E. As the study says, almonds are the perfect snack, but adding them to muesli or yogurt in the morning is a great way to add these super-nuts to your diet.


Eating oats is a great way to start the day, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Not only will they make you feel full, they will help you release energy slowly throughout the day, and will help reduce LDL cholesterol levels. You can add oats to many different foods, but read the packaging, as many oat products you buy will have sugar added which you need to be aware of for your diet.


If it is green and leafy, then it is generally healthy, but kale is also a great way to add some extra vitamin k for your bones and boost your vitamin A intake. Kale will also help with your eyesight and reduce water retention, making it an all-round healthy option. Kale is a great tasting vegetable, so you can add it to any meal; low in calories and healthy, make the most of it.


Here is a nice addition to your list of healthy foods. Salmon not only tastes great and is versatile when planning meals; it is also very healthy for you. Salmon counts as an oily fish, which the NHS states we need to eat for their health benefits. The benefits include being rich in Omega 3 which helps prevent heart disease and depression, and containing niacin to help with memory loss.

Green Tea

Green tea is a healthier option than your standard cuppa. It has been shown that green tea helps to flush excess fluids from your body and speeds up your metabolism; both of which help if you are trying to lose weight. It also contains antioxidants to help with your immune system and decrease the chances of you suffering heart related problems.

All of these foods will help with your overall dietary needs, but they are also perfect choices if you are trying to lose weight; as an added bonus they also all taste great

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