Moving can drain your budget faster than you expect if you are not careful. Find moving companies for all your moving needs and get free moving quotes, which you can later compare. Following are the few unexpected moving charges that are part of moving quotes and have the potential to hurt your budget and therefore must be carefully reviewed.

Packing supplies and labor charges

You can either pack your items yourself or get packing services include in your moving package and ask your movers to do it for you. Every mover charge this differently, many include packing materials in their cost of packing services, while others charge it separately. So review this hidden cost in the free moving quotes that you review or simply contact the moving company for information.

Furniture assembly and disassembly fee

Many movers charge extra for disassembling your large furniture like your beds, wardrobes, dressers, and sofas, wrap up the pieces securely, in your current home and later reassembling them in your new house. While some movers include these charges in their overall long-distance moving services package, otherwise will clearly specify these charges separately.

Flight Charges

If you live in a high rise building, then you may encounter Flight charges if your building lacks elevator or if your elevator is out of order at the time of the move and your movers have to carry your belongings up and down the stairs. While usually, you may be charged a one-time flight fee of $75, many movers charge different rates depending on your flight circumstances and you may find the approximate flight charges on the moving quotes.

Long carry fees

If movers cannot park their moving truck near your doorsteps, then you may encounter this unexpected moving expenses. Usually, movers charge a long carry fee of around $90 and $120 for every 75Ft from the moving truck to your doorsteps.

This is very common in big cities like New York due to less parking space available close to the entrance of your home. You can always reserve a parking spot for moving the truck to avoid this fee or get a parking permit for your movers for the specific day and time of the move. If that's not possible, then make sure to compare these charges among gathered moving quotes to get the best deal.

Hoisting fee

If you own a piece of really big furniture or a specialized item which is too big to fit through your doorways, staircases of your home, then you might need hoisting services from your mover. This means your mover will take the bulky item through the window or balcony by taking care of general safety and property damage.

Exact hoisting fee will depend on your move circumstances and each mover may charge you differently. This hidden charge is usually high because it requires specialized equipment and trained professionals.

Move cancellation fee

Whether you have cancelled your relocation plan or decided to go with another mover, whatever your reason is to cancel your booked move, you need to remember that it may cost you extra money. Since every mover has its own cancellation policy, you need to understand its terms so as to avoid this moving cost.

Usually, if you inform your mover one week in advance then you may have to pay a cancellation fee of around $50 – $100. And if you cancel your move in less than five days, then you may be charged around $300 or your full moving deposit as per cancellation policy. In any case, make sure to learn about the move cancellation policy by reading the fine print of your free moving quotes or by asking the movers before you book the move.

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