The tradition of decorating bride-groom car has come a long way, and people are still in love for decorating their d-day transportation and making their every moment unforgettable. So, if you’re among them who are planning their wedding, include the car decoration beside decorating your event venue. Check out a few creative ideas to decorate your wedding car using flowers, tulle and more. 


  1. Signs and banners to incorporate the fun: The just married banner is a classic car decoration way out that goes perfectly to express the fun side of the event. Well, currently there are a number of styles available to choose from. Well, if you like crafts, there are enough to do with the wedding car decorations. You can design your own sign or banner and securely pin it behind the car.


  1. License plate personalisation: If you’re a kind of a couple, who look for personalised wedding invitation, coasters and other details- try personalising license plates after you’re done with wedding car hire Sydney. If you’re not going to drive far, you can personalise it as a part of car decoration ideas.


  1. Try Bunting for a playful charm: Bunting is a big wedding trend, and there are a number of Bunting ideas available across the Internet. You can create your own personalised bunting to fit your wedding decorations. Whether it is bunting with tassels or you want rustic burlap, we can reflect your own choice while decorating your car.


  1. Try incorporating balloons with a number of colours: Even though balloons are one of the obvious decoration needs, thankfully there are a number of balloon designs available now. It cloud be some flashy additions with gold letter balloons that can attach to the back of your car. Balloons with a common message like Cheers and XOXO or some giant balloons in different colours can be a great addition.


  1. Use your personalised decals: Personalised wedding car decals can be used in any font or colour. You can include your name, wedding date or whatever you want. Or, you can use some beautiful photos to give it a touch of emotions. What about the idea of the decal with white font written just married in the back of window cars? Must try it out!


  1. Colourful blossoms: Flowers are the common choice of an event to make decorations of your hired classic wedding car in Sydney a masterpiece. By attaching flowers individually across the hood of the car or grill of the car, you can add the elegance you desire.


  1. Try some plant leaves: Whereas a lot of ribbons, flowers and balloons are being used for decoration, a garland of foliage can give your car a country-wedding look.


Well, once you decide what you want, try collecting all the elements to create you are unique wedding style. A well-decorated wedding car is a sort of wedding gift you get to enjoy on your wedding day. However, make sure the windshield and the rear view mirror are not getting blocked from driver’s angle. Enjoy the ride!

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The author owns a company for classic wedding car hire Sydney. The author also writes blogs and provide consultation on the same.