1. It’s more important what you think of you than what others think of you.When you think well of yourself and know your strengths, others can’t help but turn their
thinking in that direction.

2. Everyone has been hurt in some way. Whether through bullying, abuse, or insensitive remarks, just about everyone knows what it is like to experience hurt. According to the Course In Miracles, people who intentionally hurt others are actually in pain and are crying for help. Now they may not know that they are seeking help but they do know they are in pain.

3.Being true to you bypasses a lot of nonsense.
As you celebrate your strengths you don’t need to be anyone else but you. It takes a lot of energy to be something that you aren’t. When you are feeling depleted, out of sorts or vaguely sad, ask yourself, “Am I being true to me?” “Am I trying to impress others, in ways that do not represent who I am?”

4. As you forgive yourself it’s easier to forgive others, and move in the direction of your heart’s desire(s)
Do you find it difficult to move in the direction of your heart’s desire? Try forgiving self first for anything that that bothers you. Next, forgive anyone else. Forgiveness is
empowering to the forgiver. It clears the debris from your path and helps dissolve difficult conditions that prevents you from succeeding.

5. When you take time to commune within, you open up to your Highest good. If you only have a few moments to address your Inner Being, use those moments. The
more you find time to commune, the easier it is to accept solutions and resolutions.

6. Be grateful for everything.
Yes, Everything helps us grow. Have you encountered bullies? Have you had hardships, emotionally and physically? Be grateful. Once you are grateful for these
people and experiences they disappear because you don’t need them anymore.
Now you are wiser, stronger, and empowered.

Author's Bio: 

Pearle Lake is an author, Intuitive Consultant, and Empowerment Coach. see www.awesomeintuitionbook.com