A child custody case could be more disheartening than expected. Until the final date, both the mother and the father stay at the edge of their seats because the thought of not being able to see the child every day is in itself, depressing.

Some shocking custody facts about the U.S. over the many years:
In 2009, only 17.8% of custody cases were in favor of fathers.
In 2009, only 68.2% of noncustodial parents had visitation privileges or some kind of custody arrangements.
In 2013, only 17.5% of custody cases were in favor of fathers.

These facts emphasize the fact that fathers need to fight the custody battle harder than the mothers if they want to win the custody of their child (or children).

Essential aspects of Louisiana custody laws

The Louisiana custody laws dictate that the custody hearing will be in the best interests of the child, both parents need to support the child (financially), and the custodial parent will receive the child support money from the noncustodial parent.

The potent path to winning the custody battle

Read ahead to learn about some incredible tips that will help the fathers influence the outcome of cases of child custody in Louisiana, New York and other parts of the U.S.

1. Maintain accurate records

Be it child support payments, visitation schedule, essential meetings or anything else related to the child; it would help if you kept accurate records of everything because they will play a critical role in influencing the final decision. If you want the custody arrangement to be in your favor (joint/shared/full), then such documents will help you prove why you are a better choice than the mother.

2. Ensure a good track record of child support payments

If you don’t have a good track record of providing child support payments, i.e., you always pay late or are not good in keeping the payment (amount) consistent, then you are in some serious trouble, my friend! Ensuring a good track record of child support payments will prove how financially stable you are as a parent, which will influence the decision significantly.

3. Please don’t insult your partner or her family

How respectful a father is to the mother of the child is a crucial factor in custody cases because fathers, who are abusive or unnecessarily rude to the mothers are considered a bad influence on the child. As already mentioned above, the decision is always in the best interests of the child, a respectful and sensible parent is considered one. So, be respectful, period!

4. Be a significant part of the child’s social and school gatherings

Being a part of all the critical social and school gathers of the child is an amazing way of not only spending quality time with your child but also making your custody case stronger. Be it an annual function, baptisms or a birthday party; your presence will show how much you care about your child’s feelings and happiness.

5. Don’t lose your cool

Getting frustrated or angry in a custody case is common; however, it can make or break your case. Even a single sentence can be responsible for your defeat in a custody battle. So, no matter how undesirable a situation gets, it would help if you kept your cool at all times because that many divorce lawyers in Louisiana have manipulated several cases in favor of the mothers by proving that the father is short-tempered and a bad influence on the child.

6. Build a strong relationship with your child

The most apparent factor that matters is your relationship with your child. As already mentioned above, a custody case is solely directed towards ensuring the best interests of the child, and if he/she wants to live with you, then only, the judge will consider your plea for the custody of your child.


The chances of a father to win the custody battle is very rare; however, it is not impossible. It would help if you did not lose hope till the very last minute because although divorce in Louisiana with a child is depressing, the influential factors mentioned above will direct the decision in your favor.

Now that you are aware of what will matter in such situations, so if there is a possibility of the worst, then it would help if you were prepared for it.

All the best!

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