Secrecy doesn’t exist in infidelity. The witnesses will eventually smell the air of illicit affair. People will eventually notice the involved regularly doing activities that even close friends wouldn’t and couldn’t. The people around them are sensitive enough to observe the way they communicate, express their closeness and hide their relationship.

If you’re someone who feels that your partner is into someone else, here are the signs he is cheating on you. Let this be your guide as you discover the dishonesty behind his charm.

He tells you lies.

People tell lies because people have secrets. A cheating partner will do all means to hide his infidelity. He will do all means to protect his reputation, to avoid hurting you or the other woman and to prevent any kind of confrontation. So if you catch him lying from time to time, dig the hole a little deeper and know what kind of worm he’s into.

Mood Swings

Having another woman will make him confused, even in the way he’ll treat you. At times, he’ll make you feel extra special to cover up his infidelity Sometimes, he’ll scream at your weak points. He may give you lavish presents on some days but may not show patience for your negligible mistakes. This instability of emotions should tell you something.

Habit Changes

To accommodate the needs of his other woman, he may change his habits and schedule. These changes may be evident in his work schedule, extra-curricular activities or technology usage. Does somebody call him in the middle of the night? Is he overprotecting his email accounts? You can consider these indicators as signs he is cheating in your relationship.

There’s a certain indescribable gap.

Try to picture out your partner inside a bubble. You clearly see him from the outside but it seems that you can’t get into him. When he flirts with another woman, your intuition can detect that something’s not right in the relationship but it’s just difficult to point it out. Scenes like this should make you step backward and reflect. After all, knowing and being comfortable with each other is part of the equation of love.

Time Constraints

Another consequence of his deceit is the decrease in time he spends with you. When his attention is divided between you and the other woman, he can’t prioritize you all the time. He is suddenly unavailable for a family gathering or a dinner with your friends. His schedule is always in conflict with yours and he finds it hard to adjust with your available time.

Money Matters

Money plays a significant role in any relationship. If he’s going out with another woman, he would naturally spend for their dates and other needs. If suddenly he keeps saying he’s broke, he may have allotted his resources for someone else. However, some men do the exact opposite to cover up their infidelity.

It would be very unfair to judge your partner right away if he manifests only one of the indicators listed above. There should be consistency in the signs he is cheating on you. Neither gullibility nor too much scepticism will help you confirm the issue. Just be mindful with how he treats you and your relationship.

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