Increasingly, many businesses and industries are going with a hands-off approach. Thanks to stellar customer service automation, CRM software and more, the need to actually “talk to a person” is getting less and less important. However, that doesn’t mean the customer service market is dying—it’s just shifting.

There are other sides to this argument. Who hasn’t become entangled in a web of “pressing 8 to repeat these options” while finding no way to talk to a real, live human? Customer service in many industries requires a careful balance of both technology and knowledgeable, well-trained human customer service reps. No technology can fully replace human interaction (at least not yet), but some industries rely more on customer service reps than others.

Here are a few of the industries in desperate need of great customer service. If providing top tier service is your passion and forte, you may be able to make a killing here:

• Brick and mortar retailers. When you walk through the doors of any retailer, you might want 1) immediate personalized attention 2) a warm greeting before being left to browse or 3) one or the other, depending on your mood and shopping goals. Mind reading is a tough job! However, a brick and mortar retailer requires friendly and informed customer service reps with strong skills providing in-person service.

• Brick and mortar offices. Your front-office administrative staff is truly the face of your business. These customer service reps, whether their title is Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, or something more creative, are constantly juggling tasks. They need to be able to switch between providing top of the line customer service while also managing admin tasks. This is truly a job for a superstar.

• Restaurants. Waitstaff, bartenders and bussers undertake grueling work that’s physically and emotionally exhausting. Many live off of tips, so it’s very much in their best interest to supply the best possible customer service. They’re elephants at memorizing orders, can work long shifts juggling hot and heavy plates, and do it all with a smile. For restaurateurs, getting the best waitstaff on hand is a must.

• Tech support. Many tech support positions that work with customers have the patience of saints. They are usually very tech savvy already, and often undergo extensive training to become experts at the company’s tech products and services … often only to offer the most basic of support to Luddite customers. It’s easy to get frustrated in these positions, which is why having a knack for customer service is so critical.

• Cold callers. Perhaps one of the most demanding of jobs, these callers navigate abuses over the phone every day. Plus, they can rely only on their voice and tone, as well as a script, to connect with customers. It’s a challenge not having non-verbal cues to back you up! If you excel at cold calling, that’s a true skill and talent that can take you far, especially if you can score both a base salary and commission job.

• Collectors. Whether it’s calling customers with collections due or working for a tow company, this can be a very draining job that requires a thick skin. Your customer service needs to be both firm and polite because you’ll be dealing with angry and distraught customers. It’s not a job for the weak or overly empathetic.

These are the most extreme of examples, but any job that hires customer service representatives deserves only the best. To get this, you’ll need to undertake the best of hiring strategies as well as offer premium training. When you have both, you’re well on your way to creating a dream team.

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This content is written by Stephanie Frasco