Sometimes a business fails to achieve the highest productivity due to imperfect IT infrastructure. The influence of information technologies on profitability should not be underestimated, because the uninterrupted operation, the quality of the services provided, the ability to scale and follow the main modern trends largely depend on them. However, IT departments are not always able to cope with the full range of tasks.

Below are 6 processes in your IT company that can be outsourced to reduce the workload on your employees, guarantee the stability of information systems, and accelerate the development of your business.

1. Audit
Of course, you need to start by identifying the problems that exist in the company. It is very difficult to see your own mistakes, which is why you need to hire a specialist who can analyze the finances and infrastructure of your company to identify its shortcomings and offer the most optimal solution in a particular case. An IT audit is important for your business because it can help both optimize the essential processes and reduce their costs without losing efficiency.

An experienced accountant and financial expert can organize the work of IT departments, systematize the information structure, and correctly distribute the budget. If you will need to establish a stable Internet, create a local network in your company, or introduce modern software, then specialists will identify such a need in a remote format and provide outsourcing services of the first line of support to reduce the workload on your staff.

2. Servers administration
Keeping servers running smoothly is a major task of your business. Failures and errors can result in delays, additional expenses, worsening of your company’s reputation, and loss of customers. It is expensive to hire a person or several employees to deal with such problems. In addition, the result sometimes does not justify the investment, and the company is only wasting time and money. Renting reliable equipment also adds expenses.

To reduce expenses and ensure your business is doing well you can entrust the administration of servers to third-party specialists. By outsourcing this process, you reduce the costs of personnel, the organization of jobs, and the purchase of expensive equipment. Outsourced specialists can help improve your software to minimize the risks of problems and guarantee the continuity of work.

Entrusting servers to professionals who constantly deal with them is a good choice because your company's employees will no longer have to spend time troubleshooting technical problems. They will be able to perform basic duties and focus on important projects.

3. Support for corporate websites
Proper work of the corporate website ensures the attraction of new customers and partners, stimulates sales, and maintains the company's image. To avoid interruptions in work and ensure timely updates of the information on the page, a competent team is required. In this case, outsourcing turns out to be more profitable than maintaining your own staff.

The website often personifies the company and shows the company’s attitude towards the client. It is worth entrusting website support to qualified specialists who can remove any faults remotely at any time and quickly add the necessary information.

Maintaining a corporate website is an important task that cannot be ignored. This can prevent many problems, save money, and allow you not to worry about technical issues. The outsourced team can also develop a new corporate website that will meet all modern standards and trends, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

4. Implementation of suitable software
In many cases, installing a standard set of programs for doing business is not enough. In addition, their implementation should be carried out by professionals, otherwise, they will not be efficient enough. For all software to work properly and provide maximum results, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of your company and select the appropriate analytics and accounting systems, CRM systems, and other tools.

Specialists are focused on the needs of the business and offer niche software that really optimizes work with clients, makes it easier to keep track of finances, and the daily tasks of employees. For example, the team may have experience in copying custom programs for manufacturing machines to keep them working in unexpected situations or when scaling up. So there is a solution for any project.

5. Maintenance of equipment
Outsourcing of IT processes often includes support of both remote services and direct customer service of computers and office equipment, because their serviceability just makes it possible for people to fulfill their duties. Comprehensive service from specialists also often includes maintaining the work of corporate and local networks, company services. Thanks to these services, it will be possible to increase business productivity by quickly responding to any technical problems.

This way you protect yourself from potential risks. Medium and large businesses often require computer maintenance as a reliable way to prevent delays in work. At the same time, it is not necessary to cooperate with the outsourced specialists on an ongoing basis. Sometimes it is enough to introduce new technologies or fix one-time failures.

6. Installation of LAN and video surveillance
This includes the installation of both local networks to ensure uninterrupted connection to the Internet and video surveillance systems that help control all employee actions even in a remote format to protect your business from intruders and unfair competitors. Installation of local networks and creation of general convenience and quick access to corporate information and resources is not a whim, but a necessity.

At the same time, you should not forget about the issue of data confidentiality. Before installing the LAN, the specialist takes into account what tasks the network should perform, determines its environment and security protocols, so that a well-designed SCS will be the basis, which guarantees the result.

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