When you enrol at a driving school, you not just learn about the techniques of driving but also ways to handle the car on the road both during the day and the night. The faculty at driving school in Blacktown ensures that you know the road rules well and once you have received the license, things are on you and you drive the car at your own risk.

It is often seen that drivers avoid driving at night due to multiple reasons. They get distracted by multiple lights around and often complain of an accident. For the times when you have to travel at night but do not know how to stay safe, here are a few things assembled from the experts to remember when you are driving at night.  

Learn night driving skills from a driving school

While experts at driving school in Wetherill Park are known to prepare you for the days to come while making you confident of driving a car alone, there are times when they have these special courses on night driving. These are known to help you understand how to control the car at night as well as look into the functions of your car so that you are safe from accidents.

Clean your car well

The windscreen is the foremost task to clean up as when you have a clean and clear screen; you can always see the other cars coming. At night due to the street lights and lights coming from other vehicles are known to add to the glare, clear windscreens make it easy for you to see ahead. You also get to see the cars ahead of you while being able to maintain a clear distance from them.

Keep a gap of three cars ahead of you

When you are driving at night, you cannot see far ahead, unlike daytime. Therefore, even if there is road blockage or congestion, you can take actions beforehand. Therefore, there is the need to maintain a gap of at least three cars with the vehicle in front of you. This way, any emergency brakes or signals coming from the cars in front can make you save yourself from trouble.

Be alert

It is essential to be alert when you are driving at night while keeping a close watch on the pedestrians and cyclists that go by. There are chances that they may come your way and cause accidents. Therefore, look around all the time. Also try liking at the mirrors to check if there is someone behind you trying to overtake.   

Avoid being distracted

There are times when you would want to listen to music to keep you company and make your driving easy. During such times keep the volume minimal and not very loud. Loud music distracts you and can also prevent you from listening to road signals or probably emergencies if any.

Keep an emergency kit

This is something all cars should have. The kit should contain a first aid box, an umbrella, flashlight, blanket, dry food, bottled water and mobile phone charger. These can come to your rescue if at all, you are stranded or in an emergency.

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The author has had experience with enrolling for a driving school in Blacktown and writs this article to help people drive safely with tips coming from the experts at driving school in Wetherill Park.