Setting up a living room is not something you can do easily, especially not without proper elements. Be it the wall décor items or the rugs and carpets, everything has to be chosen with precision. However, the most important element that has to be included in your living space is the living room furniture.

There is several kind of furniture units- some colossal, some having medium sizes while some are small. Regardless of their shape and size, there are a few living room furniture online that you cannot ignore, especially when you are planning to bring out the best of the place.

So, before you start planning all on your own, let us give you a nice wonderful tour of the different living room furniture that are now becoming the top members in the demand list.

Couches, Sofas, Accent Chairs: For Seating

The very first thing that you will be needing in your living area is something to seat on. And that’s why furniture shops have introduced a variety of designs for living room furniture online where you can relax in comfort and enjoy some leisure family time. Some of these furniture units are:

  1. U-shaped sofas.
  2. Corner or L-shaped sofas for the corners.
  3. 3 seater sofas for small living room.
  4. Accent chairs like high back chairs, club chairs, English roll arm chair and so on.
  5. Couches which are generally two seaters and are suitable for filling up negative spaces in large living rooms.

Console Tables, Display Cabinets: Storage And Display Purposes

The next type of living room furniture online India that you will need is the display or storage units. Sometimes, the furniture units are meant only for display while sometimes they are nothing but storage cabinets. You will even see certain cabinets having both utilities. Here’s a little more explanation about the living room cabinets:

  1. Display cabinets usually have glass doors which allow a see-through ambiance.
  2. Storage cabinets are also known as console tables and they have shelves, cabinet storages, and even drawers.
  3. Wall shelves are sheer display units and they don’t have any kind of cover doors.

Coffee Or Tea Table: A Center Attraction

In order to complement the sofas or the couch setting, the living room furniture in India that you need is a center table. There are various designs of this furniture and you can choose as per your need. Sometimes, the coffee tables come with storage drawers or boxes which make them more functional. Sometimes, there are center table designs which are solely meant to elevate the aesthetic beauty of the arena.

TV Cabinets: Entertainment Units

Another newest addition in the group of living room furniture online is the TV cabinets. These furniture units are meant for mounting your TV and storing other entertainment units like play stations, DVDs, music system and so on.

Side And End Tables: A Sofa Accessory Furniture

One of the most important side accessories for the drawing sroom furniture is the side and end tables. These are usually placed at either end of the sofa or the couch to make the arena look more presentable and functional.

Ottomans, Poufs And Benches: Additional Setups

Lastly, to elevate the functional and aesthetic beauty of your living space, you can include ottomans, poufs or even benches. There are several types of living room furniture which fall into this particular category, like:

  1. Chaise lounges.
  2. Ottomans and round poufs.
  3. Upholstered benches with or without storage cubbies.


With this, we are finally ending our discussion about the various living room furniture units you might want to include in your living area to increase its functionality and also to create an everlasting impression.

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