Training modules are extensively offered by professional keynote speakers, marketeers and therapists. Here are seven recommended methods for marketing online training courses:

Give a Free eBook: First, Offer a free eBook at your website. The topic of eBook can be anything relevant to your niche. Secondly, make the title of the Ebook as attractive as possible. Some common used titles such as - “Guide to”, “Tips”, “How to”, “Avoid these mistakes” etc. are very eye catchy. Hence one must use these as title wherever possible. Thirdly, tell your users why they must download the book. Give them a value proposition that they find hard to ignore. For example, recently I was searching for a new website template for an upcoming project. Many websites were offering free eBook downloads which contained several design ideas, trends and even free templates for hundreds of dollars. Isn’t that a great idea to offer a piece of your service for free so that users can try it? Similarly, audio training courses can be offered free.

For courses that have been recorded in digital media such as mp3 interviews, discussions, video training courses etc, they can be transcribed into audio and the text can be included into eBooks.

Newsletters: Newsletters are have become a critical component of lead generation. A new trends of using newsletters is at the time of preparing a launch. Many professional motivation speakers and therapists usually come up with better training courses. In preparing the right launch strategy for these, one can inform existing customers about it through the way of newsletters. Also, new customers can be acquired by way of funneling and encouraging website visitors to sign up for latest news updates. A very important thing to remember here is – Always offer a value proposition for each newsletter that is sent to the subscribers. A good example of this is- Hubspot sends weekly news articles to their email letter subscribers containing marketing tips in the form of eBooks which one can download and share.

Video promotion: Many online trainers, coaches and well being therapists use video sharing sites such as Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion, and Veoh as a method of sharing their courses. The courses could be an introduction, a sales pitch, a short interview persuading the user to purchase their service or just a simple information on what users can expect to achieve at the end of the course.

Such videos can be marketing through ad campaigns. If ad budget is limited, marketeers can look at Video SEO for digital content promotion. A very critical technique that most people miss is the have their videos files transcribed into text. The purpose of a transcript is to provide a readable text which search engines like Google and Bing can read. Videos are difficult limited in search since the only readable text available is meta tags, description and titles. Having a transcript can double the SEO results.

Word of Mouth:The oldest method of marketing. Tell everyone in your circle about your latest project. Usually word of mouth is a very very strong method of promoting a local service or a product. However word of mouth marketing is relevant only to a sizeable circle. Not everyone may have such an advantage. Even in that case it helps.

Podcast: Have a podcast section on your site. First one must decide the time and duration of the podcast and then decided what signature style of the content. One can feature a Podcast on daily, weekly or a monthly basis. Creating content for daily Podcast can be time consuming and requires considerable efforts. If one cannot devote much time, in that case it’s advisable to feature a weekly or a monthly podcast. Duration of each podcast should be at-least 7 minutes and can go up to 45 minutes. Podcast can be in the form of audio interviews, focus group discussion, Skype calls, Online conferences, online Google hangout meeting.

Remember to transcribe your digital recordings into text. Transcribing has many advantages attached to it such as SEO promotion, better readability, better market research and citations specifically for academicians and college students. Transcripts can also be archived and release as a transcript in newsletters as citations.

Social Media Marketing:Online social marketing can be divided into Micro blogging, blogging, Web 2.0 and Social bookmarking. As soon as training modules and links to free eBooks are available, one can tweet or share them on sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Technorati, Stumbleupon, Friendfeed, Plurk and Twitter. Social marketing is useful to reach your friends and colleagues in simple click of a button. They can then share these with their group circles and engage and so on which can trend into viral content promotion.

The success of training courses lies in two things – The content of the training course and successful marketing to the consumer in that segment. Following these 6 steps can yield better marketing visibility without the need of a much investment.

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