Most workers know that filing a personal injury claim is a right they can exercise. Yet, few are aware of any complications that may arise from the procedure. Due to oversight, it’s possible for an injured party to make mistakes. These mistakes could lead to them losing the chance of getting compensation for the injury.

Many experts talk about what you need to do when filing a claim. But, you’ll rarely find detailed information about things you need to avoid after sustaining a work-related injury. An expert lawyer in Gloucester can provide the help you need to address these matters if you work in Gloucester. But before your lawyer can step in to assist, keep in mind the following tips.

Don’t leave the incident site right away

After sustaining a work-related accident even a minor one, don’t leave right away. Assess yourself and look for any sign of physical injury. If you can, try to take pictures. Stay in place until someone comes along to help you. Leaving the place could tamper with evidence that proves you aren’t personally liable for the injury sustained.

Never admit responsibility for the negligence of others

After a work-related injury, it’s common for the injured party to experience trauma. When all eyes are on you and people are panicking, you may feel the need to abate the situation. Regardless of if you’re in pain, remember to keep a clear mind. Don’t apologise or take responsibility for what happened. Let the evidence speak for itself so that you can strengthen your case and file a claim.

Ask your employer to record the incident

Most companies have a process of recording accidents sustained by employees. It’s essential to ensure that your employer documents the accident. The record needs to include the exact time or date of the incident, along with details of your injury. You’ll need supporting documentation to help with the claim.

Filing a claim has a time limit

In general, a personal injury claim expires after three years. Yes, some may need to recover from the injury before they can file a claim, but the sooner the better. You may seek the help of your relatives and a solicitor so that you can file the claim within the time limit. When you file early, you are more in control of the situation and can recall all the details needed.

Don’t settle right away

Your employer hires a claims adjuster who makes the offer to settle with injured employees. These adjusters have the company's interest in mind. They will conduct an investigation of the accident and make an initial offer. It's easy to fall into a trap, thinking that you've received the right compensation. Some also choose to settle to avoid going through the hassle of filing a claim. But, if you want to be compensated right, you need to go through the process. It's worth the extra effort of filing a claim knowing you didn't settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Keep your medical records private

Your medical records should remain private. Claims adjusters working for your employer may access the records, but only those pertaining to your injury.

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