Building a new custom home in Vancouver Canada can be a little challenging process for you unless you have done it before. Even if you have built one in the past, you still need an overview and expert opinions to go through the process smoothly. Understanding the home building process and having a checklist will always help get your dream home built without any headache.
So, here we have listed some of the most common mistakes people make when building custom homes and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Not Considering Your Lifestyle:
When it comes to building a new home in Vancouver Canada, your lifestyle is the most important thing to be considered. You should have clear planning in what manner your house should serve you? How long are you planning to stay there? If your family is going to expand, will there will enough rooms to accommodate your children? What are your plans once you get retired? To avoid any future regret, you should always have answers to these questions in your back pocket.

2. Not paying good attention to the HVAC system:
The HVAC system may seem something of the least importance to consider for your custom home. But remember the severe weather and you will realize how essential a proper HVAC system is for your home. Choose the system according to the size of your home and requirement. Do not install a system that is too small and could not heat or cool down the home efficiently. Similarly, avoid too big a unit that causes monthly bills to skyrocket.

3. Improper Placement of Rooms Bedrooms And Kitchen Placement:
You should have properly planned the placement of rooms. Bedroom, kitchen, laundry, and garage placement should be according to your family and living requirements. While designing your bedroom make sure that it is not attached to the living room and garage. Similarly, the kitchen is the place where most gatherings take place. Therefore, ideally, it should be close to the living room and dining room.

4. Choosing The Wrong Home Builder:
Homebuilder, if choose rightly, can do wonders for you. But most people hire custom home builders without any proper research and regret later. Thoroughly research before making any contract, check out their credentials, and find out the past client have to say about them.

5. Not Planning For Delays:
Building a custom home is not an overnight project, it takes time. Sometimes it takes more time than what you have planned it to take. Most homeowners do not plan for the possible delays during the construction and get stressed out when unexpected situations arise. You should have a plan for any potential delay in case of any complication ranging from bad weather conditions to any structural inadequacies.

6. Skipping Proper Home Inspection:
Most of the time people get overwhelmed and skip the inspection before moving into their newly built dream home. This leads to future regrets when they come to know about the problem with their home. Don’t make this mistake! Thoroughly inspect the home and identify the issue before signing off on your home. it is good for your peace of mind.

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