Are you worried about packing all the kitchen items? As the moving day comes closer, you will often find that there are more things to be packed. Haven’t found a way to deal with the pantry or the miscellaneous items in the refrigerator? Here are 6 tips from Daytona Beach Movers to help you get started on packing kitchen items:

Start With The Clutter: Many tend to avoid the clutter and that is the first mistake. You should always start where most of the mess is. If you don’t use cupboards regularly, you should pack the cookbooks, appliances, extra utensils, etc. Pack whatever you won’t be using until moving to your new home. If you have some junk items left, consider donating or selling them.

Pack The Fancy Tableware: If you have plenty of fancy glassware, you should pack them all well ahead of time. This kind of tableware tends to break even when you are slightly unattentive. Ideally, you should be using plenty of bubble wrap and packing paper so that these delicate items are not damaged in transit.

Large Appliances: Now it is time to deal with the larger appliances. If you are willing to move your refrigerator to your new home, you better seek daytona beach movers’ help. With the guidance of professional movers, you will be able to prepare it to be moved.

Spices Organized: Before packing all the spices and condiments, you need to look at their expiry dates. If the product has already expired or is going to expire in a couple of days, it is better to throw it away. Once the spices are sorted, now you can put them in one small box. If some of the spices are in glass jars, make sure that you put packing paper around it.
Empty The Fridge: Unless you are making a local move in Daytona Beach, you should ideally empty both the fridge and the freezer before the moving day. In case you are left with some perishable items, put them in a cooler during the transit. If you are inviting a few friends before you move, give them the leftovers so that you are left with none.

Separate Packing For Kitchen Essentials: You should ideally pack all the kitchen items separately. This means that you should pack those extra sets of flatware, plates, cups, bowls in one box. The idea is to pack these extra items before the moving day. You might consider keeping a couple of bowls, towels, sponges, and coffee maker to be used until the moving date.

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