Anyone who is paying attention realizes that the Earth is being destroyed by humans at a breakneck pace. If we want to have any chance of slowing down and eventually stopping this environmental destruction, the hope lies in educating our children. To that end, here are six projects you can use to help inspire environmental awareness in your children.

1. Start a Compost Pile

One of the best ways to help the environment is to learn how to grow your own food. One thing you will need for this is create a compost pile. Teaching children how to compost is a fun bonding activity that will help them learn about the positive aspects of gardening. Additionally, you will be teaching your children how to grow fresh produce, free of potentially harmful pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

2. Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is one of the best things you can do with your child to help the environment. This is a project that you can use to teach your children about the buildup of carbon in the atmosphere, educating them on ways we can combat it with measure like tree planting. Additionally, you’ll be creating life-long memories that your children can one day pass on to their children.

3. Neighborhood Cleanup Day

A great way to inspire environmental awareness in your child is to organize a neighborhood cleanup day. You can have your children invite all of their friends, and this will allow you to educate several children at once about ways they can help the environment. You can even provide snack such as cookies and lemonade for all the kids to enjoy.

4. Build a Bird Feeder

One of the most enjoyable environmental awareness projects you can do with your child is to build a bird feeder together. This is a smart way to educate children about ways they can help animals survive in a changing environment. You can look up tutorials on YouTube or wikiHow. These tutorials make it simple to build high-quality bird feeders.

5. Get out into Nature

Perhaps the best way to get your children to embrace environmental awareness is to instill a love of nature in them. Taking your kids camping and hiking regularly will give you a great chance to do this. You can also take them to nature preserves or even a local aviary. There are truly an unlimited number of ways to introduce nature to your children.

6. Recycling

Children need to learn about recycling as one of the first steps in their environmental awareness education. You can teach them about how everything from plastic to glass to metal can be recycled. Teaching them about how reclaimed metals can be used at places like Federal Metals Inc is a good way to help educate them about the ways recycling benefits the environment.

Environmental awareness starts at home. If you follow these tips to help inspire environmental awareness in your children, you will be helping to ensure the future of the Earth. Doing these activities will also bring you and your child closer together.

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Karleia is a freelance blogger and green living advocate. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two daughters.