You lost your job in 2010 and now its a new year with no prospects in sight.  Pretty depressing that you're now going through your savings and have to decide if you can afford to go to McDonald's for lunch or need to head home where you can eat for less.  Friends want to get together for drinks, but you can't afford it.  Using the line of credit on your house is keeping you afloat; but selling parts of your house off to get new shoes eats at you.

Job Seeker you need to network.  Going to receptions, fund raisers, and conferences your old company paid for now all need to come out of your pocket.  It gets worse, your Son just blew 35 bucks on having Chinese delivered to the house; because he can afford to.  You're other son is struggling to make ends meet and you would like to help him out.  Perhaps the two of you could going skiing this weekend to release the stress you are both feeling; but that would mean you might not be able to afford medications when your too old to work and living off your savings.

Wait, this article is supposed to be about why it NOT to get depressed about your situation.  It's really quite simple.  It's life.  Things happen.  They happen to you and to people around you.

The Slap Myself in the Head Reason.

What were you thinking?  The dot-com bust wasn't warning sign enough for you to stop spending lavishly and adopt a few of your depression era ancestors' perspectives on savings. Enron made reality our of movie scripts where greedy top leadership wipes out the retirement plans of thousands.  So you bought a BMW instead of a Ford.  That's a shame about all those poor souls who lost everything.  What were they thinking?  Want to get depressed about your situation?  You can't.  You saw it coming and chose to believe it would never happen to you.I Could Have. There is a better chance that a huge meteor will hit the planet than the chances you will win a huge lottery payout.  That doesn't mean you should walk around with a sign saying "The World is Ending."  It does mean you should take some of the blame on yourself for not preparing.  You cold have saved more and used this time off as a sabbatical to pursue a dream while searching for work.  Enough about being blind about the future back when you had a great job.  Time to take the blinders off about the future as you really see it now.  Then start making a plan.  Enough life insurance?  Burial plans?  Keeping up with advances your field?  It's a new time in your life.  You can look at it like a scared insecure kid; or look with the wisdom you gained living through the financial depression at the turn of the century. Really, you didn't see this coming?

The It's Not Me Who Needs to Change Reason.

The other day many of you gave your young son a lecture on what they do today is going to effect their future.  "If you get caught with that stuff and it goes on your record, most companies won't hire you."   You encourage them to prepare for the future by studying hard.  Then you finish up the whole thing with a cheerful quip about a bright future.  Get a mirror and tell it to yourself.  Quit being hypocritical about your advice to yourself and others. Really, the whole entire world was out to get you?

The You Don't Have Cancer Reason.

Six days before this very Christmas, my newly married nephew of 28 years, went to get a new pair of glasses.  The optometrist took one look in his eyes and walked him immediately to the optomolgist located in the same building. A frantic call to his new bride and she meets him at the emergency room.  During the first hours his face book post is a picture of the IVs and  complaints about the hospital not having a workout room.  Silence is followed by family alerts going out to loved ones in at least seven states.  His cousin who is in remission from an earlier fight starts having flash backs.   It's not only cancer, it's so rare a form he beats the odds of winning the lottery.  He's got a plan and it's all about fighting this thing.  You think you got it bad.  Really?

The Your Job is Not "Freedom Fighter" Reason.

Again it's Christmas.  Instead of the family gathering around the tree and fireplace with scented candles, eggnog, and carols playing; they are squeezing together in front of the tiny camera on top of their monitor so they can share a smile with their United States Marine stationed in Iraq. The Marine smiles back, hiding the fact that squad just lost two guys from Iowa because of an IAD.  You think you got it bad.  Really, any car bombs in your neighborhood?

The You live in the United States of America Reason.

Your baby needs help.  Never mind that in you don't have health insurance.  It doesn't matter because in your Haitian town there is no healthcare.  No food.  The idea of packing up and going halfway across the country like Katrina victims had to do, is out of the question.  The place just ain't that big and the problems are the same all over. Really, you got it bad?

The Mother Nature Hasn't Slapped You Reason.

Heard about the flooding and mud slides in California.  Imagine knowing the possibility exists that building on a hillside with a gorgeous view may one day cost you.  You do it anyway because the price is right and you deserve the prestige of the location.  Then one day the National Guard is at your door instructing you to abandon ship immediately.  You grab a box of family keepsakes your foresight said to keep ready, just in case.  Car's loaded up.  Family safe inside the four wheel drive vehicle.  It's silent inside while each of you stares at your home.  Each thinking differently about the possibilities soon to become a reality.  Your daughter asks, "It'll be all right won't it Daddy?"  You just pat her head and slowly leave your family central behind. Instead of chipping away at your personal wealth, mother nature took it from you in one quick swat.

Getting On With It.

Why is it you should feel good about not being worse off?  The sky isn't falling. Sure you could have made decisions that would have made this inevitable and foreseeable turn of events less painful on you and your loved ones.  Self pity is not going to gain you support or a job in this "turn of the century recession."  Take solace in your good fortune.  The next step is to decide what you are going to do about it.  Make a plan and "Be Prepared."

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Author's Bio: 

TheInterviewPro, David Wit, is the founder of Job Interview Practices Services. David Wit has a career history that spans from Westin Hotels to the world famous Jewish Hospital, site of the first successful hand transplant. He has held executive positions at each, leading cultural change and service excellence. Wit has his MBA from Bellarmine University and has held human resources positions for both Westin, Jewish Hospital, and the Al J. Schnieder Corporation. Throughout his career he has been mentor to many. Wit has interviewed more than 5,000 candidates. He is trained in the interpretation of Predictive Index TM.