With the world becoming more globalized, it’s a smart idea to get dual citizenship in another country. The best choice is Antigua and Barbuda through the citizenship investment program. This requires investing in real estate or making a non-refundable donation to get citizenship including for your spouse, children, and parents. Getting citizenship in Antigua doesn’t require knowledge of the country’s official language. Read on to understand these 6 reasons to make you acquire Antigua passport.

Access to a powerful passport

Obtaining Antigua passport offers global mobility to about 149 countries without a visa. These include Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, Hong Kong, and Schengen countries. The passport comes with easy connectivity through the country is state of the art airport to Miami, New York, or Toronto regularly to go about your regular business.

Tax relief

One of the ways to qualify for a passport here is to invest real estate. Luckily, this comes with more than dual citizenship. You’ll be able to enjoy various tax holidays to see your business thrive. These include no tax on income generated from other sources worldwide. Additionally, your investment isn’t susceptible to capital gains tax. Investors can easily transfer wealth, gifts, or inheritance without tax.

Enjoy dual citizenship

The Antigua passport cost offers tremendous value to pay for itself in the long run. Participating in the citizenship investment program allows you to get second citizenship in Antigua. Having dual citizen offers privacy because your information won’t be shared with the other country where you have citizenship. Additionally, your name and current country of citizenship aren’t made public.

Convenient and fast application process

When applying for Antigua passport, it’s not mandatory to live in the country. This means that you can apply while residing in any country. Additionally, you just have to spend about five days in the country to maintain a five years of citizenship. The application process for the passport takes about three to four months until you get your passport.

Multiple investment opportunities

Antigua and Barbuda are just rebuilding after the hurricanes. Therefore, apart from real estate, you can diversify by investment in other sectors like tourism and transport. The thriving tourism industry offers various opportunities for entrepreneurs. Investing in more than real estate offers a great opportunity to make more if you invest in a thriving industry.

Your family can move too

Through the citizenship investment program, your family members can benefit as well. your parents or grandparents over 65 years and dependent children can apply for passports too. You’ll act as the primary applicant and success in getting your Antigua passport guarantees that your family members will get theirs as well. This is an amazing opportunity to move to this new beautiful country without leaving your family behind. In case you pass on, your family can easily inherit your property with restriction.

Closing thoughts

Antigua is a beautiful island country. And, this country has immense opportunities in real estate and tourism any smart investor can’t afford to miss. Getting Antigua passport will give you tremendous benefits including participating in the business environment while enjoying various tax incentives.

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