Let us tell you why the richest and celebrities prefer to rent a crewed boat rather than staying in a hotel room. These bespoke vacations offer an unparalleled level of luxury, flexibility and privacy, all combined with a sensational personalized service that even includes your own chef and breathtaking scenery ... the dream vacation!

Renting a luxury yacht is the freedom to preserve your privacy during personalized holidays in absolute luxury.

At Luxury Charter Group, we know that a stay on board your own luxury yacht, where you will be pampered by the dedicated crew in a level of comfort that exceeds all expectations, is a far more exceptional experience than staying in one. immobile hotel. Here are the reasons that make a yacht vacation much more exciting than staying at the hotel and making us proud of our job ... this intoxicating and memorable experience on the waters.

1. A Diversity of Destinations

You can rent a luxury yacht in the best destinations in the world. Whether it's the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean, the Italian Riviera, the Greek islands, the Balearic Islands or even more unlikely but equally extraordinary destinations such as Southeast Asia, French Polynesia and the Caribbean. Australia, the world is offered to you on a silver platter.

Are you wondering what is so special about renting a yacht? Of course, all these destinations do not lack prestigious hotels, but do they allow you to leave a certain perimeter? Do they make you travel? Renting a luxury yacht allows you to escape to different places ... from the secluded beach, only accessible by boat, to the most beautiful private beaches. You will also have access to the best luxury boutiques and authentic markets, you will party in the most exclusive clubs and have a drink before the sunsets beach bars with a relaxed atmosphere ... and all this the time of a stay. You will not need to touch your luggage or worry about your valuables, no need to negotiate taxis, mingle with tourists,

2. Total Discretion

People prefer the tranquility offered by a private yacht for a very special reason ... inaccessible to the paparazzi! Even if it is unlikely that you are tracked by a camera, the joy of finding your loved ones in your own cocoon with a crew to your care, aware of your desires and who will know how to answer, will be a pure happiness ! Together, you will experience moments of incomparable quality. The beautiful volumes of our boats allow a level of privacy and personal spaces without intrusions from hotel guests.

3. Freedom and Flexibility

With Luxury Charter Group, your rental will be from A to Z personalized. We will know in advance your preferences and your expectations, in terms of activities, destinations, type of cuisine, boat style, etc ... you have understood, your stay in a private yacht will be tailor-made . Despite the route in place, you will have the freedom to change your mind once there, always following the benevolent advice of your captain and the crew ... you like a place, stay longer!

Everything is organized in order to satisfy you and everything will be done at your own pace. The captain and your crew will be receptive to all your impulses, whether for a spontaneous romantic picnic on a deserted beach, or to party at the last moment in a trendy bar ... they will know exactly where you are. drive ... and as long as there is access to the products, if you have cravings for lobster, your chef will be happy to run.

4. Your own Chef de Cuisine

The advantages of renting a luxury yacht are already heavy on the scale, but let us weigh it down by adding your own chef. On board, your flawless dishes will be composed of the best ingredients. The superyacht chefs excel in their field and are excited by the pleasure of satisfying you.

No menu is pre-established, but will be adapted to your desires of the moment and the service will be in adequacy with your way of life ... another bonus: we guarantee you the best table of the establishment!

5. Equipment and Activities

Everyone is considering their holidays in different ways and we are here to help you find the yacht that will fit your desires. The choices are endless ... you want a boat equipped with a good range of water toys, from jet-ski to windsurfing through a range of equipment for thrills ... just ask . You need a broadband internet connection and a desk to keep in touch with your business ... it's possible. You are looking for a fitness stay with a gym and revitalizing treatments ... nothing more simple. Lovers of great cinema ... let us find you a yacht that will include a nice selection of films and a room reserved for this purpose. You want to mark a real break ...

6. A Service of Excellence

Your crew will be composed of dedicated professionals. Relax and let yourself be pampered. Your luxury charter yacht will be your floating vacation home with a much higher personal / guest ratio than any other hotel or cruise liner. The crew, attentive, will be available at any time of the day and night, to ensure you a high-end service. Discreet, he will be able to forget at the right time.

The skills of the crew go beyond the hotel service. We can get you a qualified crew to give you sailing lessons, diving, windsurfing and more ... a great opportunity to learn or improve, at your own pace, some techniques with professional equipment. .

Contact ZunZun Sailing , All Inclusive Day Sail St John, representative now to book your next luxury yacht vacation in a dream destination and enjoy the benefits that the exclusivity of a private yacht has to offer.

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Angelina is a regular writer at The Independent and Buzzfeed.