You always hear about how it’s an imperative for a business to have a social media presence, because this is the marketing method of the future. While it certainly seems true – or, at the very least, it forms a large chunk of the collection of SEO methods that will probably stand the test of time – you rarely ever hear direct, solid reasons why you should invest valuable marketing money and time in building a social network. Well, here are six good reasons that should convince you of its importance:

Although it might not build you a web presence as quickly as keyword backlink building, social networking is a lot more engaging. Most businesses understand the value of sending out questionnaires and customer satisfaction surveys; with a social network, you can get all that in real-time.

It is a relatively inexpensive method of getting your brand out there; in fact, there probably isn’t any other among the large collection of different SEO methods that can establish an online presence with a greater return on investment than social media.

In a sort of abstract, indirect way, successful social networking increases your brands online visibility through the search engines. Although not considered to be one of the more traditional kinds of backlink-building methods, the increased level of interaction among the members in your social networks will spread the word to forums, website comments, and more, which will have the end result of raising your link-profile higher. This is a lot more gradual an improvement than direct SEO will get you, but it‘s definitely an additional benefit that will positively impact your sales.

You can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity for your business to go viral. While other SEO techniques can bring you a constant stream of targeted traffic, if an intriguing video you have made about one of your products or services happens to go viral, you’ll experience matchless returns almost overnight.

You don’t want to be the only business in your niche not taking advantage of the powers of social sharing. Just looking at the explosion in the numbers of Facebook’s revenue, which comes from advertisers, is enough to tell you that many companies find social networking a very attractive market; and furthermore, that it definitely works for build brand visibility and revenue.

Lastly, just like with using anchor text backlinks to gain visibility from the search engines; your customers are already on social sites. Essentially, you have a ready-made pool of consumers just waiting for you to find them. Any business is doing itself a disservice by not trying to place its services in front of the people who are looking for exactly that; especially when it can be done so cheaply, relative to other forms of marketing.

The social world is here to stay, and is only going to get bigger. In fact, some analysts expect Facebook to possibly overtake Google Search somewhere down the line. It’s time to position yourself in the optimal spot to take advantage of this.
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