In the last decade, there was a major change within the preferences of the large corporations towards the open source ERP Solutions. Today almost 78% of the company enterpise run some type of open source solution. According to the “Future of Open Source Survey”, using open source solutions has doubled since 2010, and 67% of the organizations with greater than 5000 staff participate in open source software projects. The open source has become a default approach for software industry. Today, practically 66% on the businesses think about open source solutions earlier than any proprietary software alternative. So now comes the large query: Why company firms favour an Open Source ERP Solution?

Open Source ERP Solutions SAVE MONEY.

This is an important factor not just for the small and mid size corporations but in addition for the big multinational companies. On the long term open source ERP solutions are always more possible than proprietary solutions, due to a number of causes. First of all, there's a decrease or no license price of the software. Next, the maintenance price and the external consultants and programmer fees are lower than the proprietary solutions. Furthermore most open source ERP solutions can use open source databases and operating programs, giving you extra license-free options.

Open Source ERP Solutions present HIGHER QUALITY.

IT professionals from large corporations agree that open source ERP Solutions present increased high quality, because many independent, and passionate developers have looked at the solutions, criticized the code, and contributed enhancements. Competition between developers is very common in open-source software program communities and that's the primary drive that improves high quality and encourages innovation. What a lot of the business ERP suppliers often do is “reinventing the wheel”.


Open source ERP solutions are most popular by the big corporations because they're simpler to improve when customizations are correctly implemented. Upgrades can be done more typically without disruption of the production system. In this way corporations using open source ERP solutions are all the time one step forward of their opponents, and are harvesting the power of the newest technologies and improvements. Whereas closed supply ERP software are slower to change and lack innovation.


In the past, the open source ERP Solutions have been discarded as being less secure, but today lots of them are being considered technically superior to their proprietary counterparts. But this doesn't mean that open source software is perfect!

The major cause for an open source ERP Solution to be more secure is the variety of contributors. If you evaluate a team of 50 skilled developers with a team of 1000 skilled developers, then whom do you assume will be able to produce a better quality product? Other cause for being safe is the code being open source. Anybody can establish a bug or loophole and may quickly fix it. This leads to a better secured software.

Open Source ERP Solutions convey Enterprise Agility & Customization

Business agility is the power to react to market demands shortly. Therefore, big corporations benefit from open source ERP Solutions because they allow them to react quickly. The software code isn't tied to vendors’ timelines for business software upgrades, so the businesses can customise and modify the ERP Solution to their particular enterprise needs. This saves time in addition to price. Odoo India Market, a part of the Odoo ERP Solution, is first-of-its-kind podium that gives numerous free or paid apps and modules that improve the productiveness of your ERP system. You can tailor the system to your particular wants by including completely different apps and modules from Odoo. Moreover your system will all the time be automatically up to date to the newest version.

Open Source ERP Solutions MIGRATES RISK

Another, reason why huge corporations use open source ERP Solutions, is because they scale back dependence on a single or a number of vendors, and on this method, they could scale back enterprise risk. Open source ERP Solution providers like Apagen, permit you to combine apps and modules from different vendors in a method that can enhance the general productiveness of your day by day operations.

The benefit of selecting open source ERP Solutions against the proprietary ERP Solutions is that you personal the system and its full source content. There is not any lock-in or dependency on the vendor, and you're freer on how you will implement and modify the software. You can do that all by yourself or hire an ERP service provider.

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