People who love to gossip , could be a part of this scandal due to one or more of the following reasons:
Low self confidence
To feel Superior
Boredom(wasting time)
Trying to impress you
Low Faith

Let us learn how we can neutralize this scam that is taking away our precious time :

1. Practice staying silent: Probably, one of the best ways is to keep mum. I know , that initially this one task that would be difficult for many. As we live in that world today, where staying silent and observing the situation seems most challenging. However, once we learn to master this “art of silence” and think deeply about how you are feeling and whether what will come out of our mouth is no less than a sin . Give yourself sometime to realize that what you might be gossiping is not worth saying and moreover it is just a wastage of time and that you will land nowhere.
2. Better avoid situations where you know you would backbite: We ought be smart and vigilant enough to track situations , where in we tend to backbite the most. Like family events, workplace, wedding ceremonies, or either when you are depressed, feel despondent or if someone has hurt you. Act like an “ostrich” under these circumstances and avoid negative company or be tough to prepare yourself in advance to hold your tongue such as at events or when you are hurt. I believe our mouth is like burning sulfurous at times, while gossiping. Instead engage in some leisure activities. Take a deep breath in case negative thoughts disturb you.
3. Empathizing: Often we are involved in trash talking to such an extent that we completely forget to keep ourselves in other people's shoes. We have become hypocrites and robots , who don't even bother to cogitate about the harsh repercussions of cannabalizing our own people. Just question yourself once” How would you feel if the same happens to you”? And if we really care for our people , you would definitely get an answer out of it.
4. Better switch off the Topic: Instead of eating people, sermonize about how we as a person can improve upon ourselves. Utilize this time productively and you can even discuss regarding social issues that need utmost consideration today. Increase your knowledge and jam-pack your mind with relevant facts and information through which you can change the world. Enrich your mind to such an extent that it doesn't let your heart overpower your intelligence. Think wisely and believe me you would not have enough time to be a gossiper anymore. Better try to avoid changing people as we need to change ourselves first.

Remember: One must learn that the same person who gossips to you about others is more than likely to gossip about you as well!

5. Do one act of random kindness a day: One of the best ways , that would lead to respite from all your turmoils , worries, complaints and glitches. One act of kindness would completely transform you as a human. I believe when “the act of giving appears more pleasurable than the act of receiving”. Moreover when we work for causeless happiness that is the greatest treasure of our life. Just bring into practice and you would feel better each day.
6. Let's not associate with people who have no work other than dissing: The most disastrous force in the universe to gossip and equally pernicious are those who spread it like a virus . Never get involved with such community.

Remember: When your feet slip you can always recover your balance , but when your tongue slips you cannot recover your words.

So next time you think of gossiping, mind your tongue or else be ready to face the music!

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A passionate blogger and a self motivator. I believe in spreading happiness all around and create awareness through my articles.