Leaving the comforts of your home to live alone in a faraway land, struggle with a foreign language, and deal with complete strangers can be daunting. This is magnified even more when you are still a young student who has yet to figure things out. However, the benefits of studying abroad far outweigh the initial setbacks that crossing borders may present as the number of those studying abroad steadily increases.

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, internationally mobile students or “students who have crossed a national border to study, or are enrolled in a distance learning programme abroad,” doubled from two million in 2000 to four million in 2012. Be inspired to explore the world out there with these 6 lessons you can only learn from studying abroad.

Learning A Foreign Language

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The benefits of studying a foreign language abroad are unparalleled compared to studying the language through classes and learning materials. First, learning a foreign language surrounded by the locals who grew up speaking it will help build up your fluency and confidence. You will be able to use and test your comprehension of the language because it is integral to your daily routine. Think of it as exercising your muscles, which will only strengthen with regular use.

Second, you will gain a deep cultural understanding of the language, which goes beyond literal meanings of foreign words and phrases. Third, on a pragmatic note, you will be able to pass language exams with flying colors. All of these advantages will not only prepare you for a competitive job market, but will also challenge your communication skills.


Creating Connections You Never Knew You’d Have

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Imagine your social media profiles teeming with friends from different parts of the world. There are photos of you and your roommates going out on a food trip and enjoying the local cuisine. There are videos of you actively taking part in your host university’s extracurricular activities. There are also memories of getting lost but making it, thanks to helpful strangers.

These social interactions and more make you find beauty in diversity, enriching not only your studies, but also expanding your understanding of life. You become aware of cultural differences, but you also learn how to respect and embrace them.


Living On Your Own

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Sure, you will be surrounded with new friends, but studying in another country is still way different from living with your family. With no parents to watch over you all the time, you will be able to do whatever you please. However, you will also have to deal with preparing your meals, shopping for your needs, doing your laundry, and other things that your parents provided for you at home.

While independent living can take some getting used to, this is a great opportunity to prepare you for an amazing adulthood. Studying abroad makes it an even more memorable experience as you go about these things in a foreign land where you have to toughen up to adapt.


Managing Your Finances

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Being a student and not being able to have a full-time job can be limiting when you have a thousand items on your list of needs and wants. This is especially true when your wanderlust is sparked by the lovely and jaw-dropping destinations in the host country.

Fortunately, going on a student budget can do wonders when you handle your money right. This is where the value of smart budgeting comes in. You learn to allocate your funds according to your priorities. You manage to stretch your dollars with nifty tips and hacks. You can even squeeze in part-time jobs for extra  cash and additional work experience. Managing your finances right at an early age will give you the foundation that you need to take on heavier responsibilities after you finish school.


Having Fun In Different Ways

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For most young people, having fun means having movie marathons or going out with friends. While there is nothing wrong with that, it does not hurt to rock it out from your comfort zone. It is a good thing that one of the advantages of studying abroad is being compelled to try things that normally would not even cross your mind.

For instance, instead of ordering your usual fare, you get to eat food that can launch your gastronomical adventure. Instead of shopping in the usual retail stores, you get to navigate local bargain havens and haggle with the help of your friends. Instead of watching television series on end, you get to explore mountains, caves, and other spots that the great outdoors has to offer.


Experiencing Learning In A Whole New Light

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One of the most obvious benefits of learning studying abroad through a scholarship is taking courses that are not available in your own country. It can also happen that some courses are better studied in other countries because of factors like culture and technology.

Aside from taking these courses as you complete your studies, experiencing the intellectual rigors of global academic institutions is an enriching journey for any student. You will find it a challenge to keep up with different grading systems, learning tools, teaching styles, and so on. You will also get brilliant ideas from your classmates who came from different ethnicities, backgrounds, and schools of thought. You may not accept all of the ideas that you encounter, but all of these will surely contribute to your critical thinking and greater creativity.


With the world getting more global by the minute, you simply cannot ignore the numerous benefits of studying abroad. Aside from giving you an excellent head start in your career, studying in schools with the best study abroad programs will mold you into a well-rounded individual. Again, learning should go beyond the four walls of your classroom. You can even go beyond the borders of your country as there are lessons you can only learn from studying abroad. So go ahead, start doing your research now on the best schools for study abroad and take advantage of the opportunities.


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