Education is not about just learning facts but knowing how to utilize the facts properly. There is a world outside the classroom where they need to take charge with confidence. That is why each and every student must have critical thinking capabilities that need to be nurtured by both teachers and parents. They must be able to raise questions instead of just accepting presented fact. Then only the true purpose of education will be accomplished.

For this reason, the top schools in Greater Noida devise different scientific strategies to induce critical thinking capabilities in the students. The goal is to generate a youth that is full of energy and confidence; a youth that will not fall back in tough times and a youth that will take over when required.

Here are the 6 scientifically proven strategies to promote critical thinking in students:

  1. Develop a Challenging Attitude

The basis of critical thinking is to challenge every assumption. It is then only they will form a habit of raising queries. In other words, it triggers the curiosity of the students. This also compels them to conduct their own research in search of the truth. Remember the main purpose of education is to seek truth. Critical thinking abilities will help to take it a step forward. In some situations, teachers can also avoid furnishing their personal information so that the students take charge and try to find things out on their own.

  1. Revision of Conclusions

It's also called flexibility. Being flexible is a part of developing critical thinking abilities. Based on new information or evidence, it is only mandatory to revise the conclusions and gain new perspectives. One of the most important aspects of critical thinking is to staying open to any possibility. A presented fact may seem like the truth at one point while it may be countered completely at the other point by new facts. History suggests so. From discovering that the earth is round to finding out that atom is not the smallest part of a matter or an element, there are endless examples.

  1. Proof Over Hearsay

Make it a point to develop such an attitude among students where they ask for evidence against every fact presented. It is essentially a healthy habit that will help the students in every possible way in the future. This also promotes critical thinking because anything that doesn't seem rational or believable, the students tend to think about it and search for evidence. It makes them grow sharper in the future. What do scientists do? They "argue" in favour of their belief and present evidence to support their claim. This is what the young generation of students need to develop. They need to separate rationality and belief to think efficiently.

  1. Be Experimental

Students who tend to carry out their own experiments to get to the roots of a matter are able to think critically and more efficiently than the others as time goes by. Trying out ideas will help them understand whether a particular claim made is believable or not. Not to mention, but this also makes them self-sufficient so that going forward, they take the responsibility of finding out the truth on them. This is the reason the best schools in Greater Noida design experimental studies so that students gain more ideas. They strive to increase the horizon of knowledge and contribute towards expanding the young minds. Last but not least, an experimental attitude also promotes creativity. As students will learn more through experiments, they will also get more innovative and try to channelize the same in the proper direction.

  1. Finding the Missing Links

An efficient researcher always considers the old as well as new. Go over the old data and studies to find out vital information about a particular claim. There can be some missing links that might help you to draw a different conclusion. This is something that students must be habituated with. Even if it seems not important or not fruitful, they must look over and over to find a missing link or until they are a 100% certain that there is none.

  1. Suspension of Immediate Judgement

In this respect, patience is everything. So instead of filling out a void in your mind with a whole lot of assumptions, it's better to suspend it for a while and take the long way to derive conclusions. It's basic human nature to start over thinking as soon as something doesn't add up but try to suspend it and you will get unbiased data about the given matter soon.


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