Being in a relationship can make a strong life, knowing that you have someone special, who will care for you. But at the same time, wrong or bad relationships can play the role of an unwanted drug; which must be left as soon as possible, only to gain a healthier relationship with yourself.

Without any doubt, it must be ascertained that bad relationships can really have adverse effects on anyone’s health. So, if you too are confused if you should go for a break-up, here are some signs that will help you know that your relationship is over and that you need to split from your partner.

No spark- Do you notice that your partner doesn't feel happy or rather cheerful when you are around? Or if you feel that, that classic and the beautiful spark that had encouraged both of you to enter in a relationship, is no more, then it’s high time to split; even if it’s not for forever, then you too must stay away at least for a couple of weeks.

No time- It is a well known fact that we don’t get time, but we need to make it. Likewise, if you see that your partner doesn't give you ample or at least, the minimum quality time or rather always has some issue or the other, which itself makes you feel quite lonely, especially when you need him or her during your critical times, then that’s a clear indication to get over with your partner. When priorities of your partner change, it’s high time to move on.

Avoidance- For most of those who have been in relationships, avoidance is one of the most important primary signs to know that your partner (may sound harsh) is no more interested in you. If you see that he doesn't receive your calls, even after calling more than three times, or doesn't either call back either, doesn't send anymore romantic shayari or romantic sms, it’s just plainly simple, that he or she is avoiding you. Likewise, if his online presence doesn't include you, like being in Facebook or WhatsApp, then it’s just simple, that although he has time to chat with others, he doesn't chat with you.

You being the initiative- Are you the “one” who always takes the initiative to start a conversation, irrespective of if it’s in chat or a simple call? If the answer is in yes, then, probably you people need to split. This doesn't however include the role of ego. This is about being committed. You are not the only one in the relationship, after all. Give him or her the chance to start a conversation. If he or she doesn't do so, even if it means for weeks, then trust me, it’s better to get over with it.

We becomes me and you- Remember those beautiful times when you people always referred to yourselves as “we”. And when this “we” gradually becomes you and I, you should understand that your togetherness has come down to individual priorities.

Chances of cheating- This is most apt sign that you now need to move on. In case you have found that he is seeing someone else, but still he/ she is holding on you, then it clearly means that he/she is only using you. You see him sending frequent messages when you are with him, but when you ping you, he doesn't reply, this time enough is enough. Just leave him/her and try getting someone else. You are no cheap trash after all.

Just remember that you don’t deserve anyone, but a special one who can stay with you forever. Getting a break-up is not actually bad, but a clear sign to have a new beginning.

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Anand Srivastava blogs at Shayari and has been writing for several reputed writing firms and with several writing challenged clients for more than six years. He provides exceptional ghostwriting, ghostediting, copywriting and copyediting skills. His educational background in English Literature and English Language from the University of Lucknow, has given him a strong base. Because of high qualifications, he has his own unique perspective of multiple perceptions and dimensions on different issues. He specifically enjoys writing and editing content and write-ups for individuals who are new in this field. All his articles and write-ups have a unique balance between being informative yet entertaining. With a slight zest of humour, Anand Srivastava loves to conceive issues which are completely unseen.