Even though you may see your child every day, it's always a bit challenging to find enough time in the day to spend with him or her. As a dad, it is important to make sure that in the time that you are able to spend with your child that you pass down the different skills that have shaped you into the person that you are today. While your child may not think you're the coolest person in the world, there is still a lot that they can learn from their dear old dad. These 6 skills are just a few things that every father should teach his child.

Listening Skills

This can be a tough one for children, but with help from their dad, they can develop great listening skills. While it seems like kids are always talking, it is important for them to grasp the concept of listening and paying attention to others. Dads can teach this skill by establishing one simple rule. When in a conversation, never interrupt another person and be sure to use your ears a little bit more than you use your mouth.

Throwing a Ball

Throwing a baseball around doesn't have to be only for fathers and their sons. In fact, this can be a great bonding experience for dads and their daughters. There is more to throwing a baseball than simply tossing it in the air. Fathers can take this time to teach their children the proper techniques for mastering the skill of throwing a ball.

Riding a Bike

Learning to ride a bike can be exciting, but also kind of scary for children. With the help of dad teaching them bike riding skills, they will feel more at ease and safe from potential falls, bumps and bruises. Simply run behind your child's bike while holding onto the seat so that they're able to feel your support while focusing on the road in front of them. Soon you'll be able to let go and send your child peddling down the road on their own.

Making Simple Car Repairs

If your a dad who spends a lot of time working on his car, there's nothing better than to teach your child some simple car repairs and skills that they will appreciate later in life. Instead of heading to Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres if their car is experiencing issues, they'll know how to do everything from changing the oil to jumping the battery.

Using a Compass

Teach your child how to read a compass during your next camping trip. Knowing where you are and the different directions that the compass points you in can teach your children how to find help and get around if they ever find themselves lost.

Playing an Instrument

Being able to play an instrument is an impressive skill and is something that many fathers love being able to pass down to their children. Spend some quality time together teaching your child how to play guitar, drums, piano or any other instrument that you're familiar with.

Even if you feel that you don't possess many skills to teach your children, thy will appreciate and remember the time that you have spent with them. From telling a joke to playing a card game, there are many different skills and qualities that you can pass on to your child.

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Karleia is a freelance blogger.